Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Ellen Ashe

About the Author

I grew up in an old house that whispered late at night. To experience the inexplicable as a child was far from mysterious. The creak of a rocking chair when none existed, the latch on a door moving without a hand, the shadow of a deceased pet sitting in the window - all of it was terrifying to me as a child. Yet at the same time it was house filled with family, and celebration, and reunion and love. Most of that has quieted now. Still, I can understand when I look back on those times, how beautiful the mysterious was. The paranormal intertwines with the love, neither of which can be seen, measured, nor truly defined. And only now do I realize what indelible impact both has made on who I am today.

I remember all the history classes I took at Acadia University, the medieval period being one of my favorites. Living and working in England for several years was like a dream come true - visiting estates and castles and museums - a glimpse into the minds of those who lived so long ago. It's easy to chuckle at their superstitions, knowing what we do now, having come so far in science and medicine and technology. Mystery is good. Romance is even better. Might you agree?

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"Love Not Forgotten"

Kirkland Hall is haunted. Kate Daniels, part inheritor to the estate, knows nothing of its history- that a bloody scene four hundred years ago between rival clans saw two lovers separated by murder- and that these tortured spirits had spent the centuries searching for each other. Nor does she know anything about the dark and moody ‘caretaker’, Alex MacTavish.

The trip to Scotland was meant to be a holiday before selling her share of the estate back to its rightful owner. No sooner had Kate arrived however, when she felt as though the house was not only whispering its welcome, but pleading for her help. A phantom horseman rides the moors, a ghostly fire sweeps through the corridor, a woman’s desperate screams- echoes of a brutal past- reaching through the mists of time. And as her relationship with Alex begins to deepen, Kate discovers that fate has had a hand in bringing them together- the name Daniels is interlinked with the violent history of betrayal and murder. So too, is the name MacTavish.

Together the haunted lovers must reach beyond an evil that lurks in the estate’s underground crypt, destroy its malicious hold on not only the Clansman’s past but their own future.

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Anonymous said...

Ellen is one of my favourite authors and I always squeeeeee when she has a new release out!!!


Ellen Ashe said...

Aww... thank you!!!!!
(Valerie- your cheque is in the mail! LOL)

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Ellen, where's mine? LOL

Nancy Bristow said...

Hey Ellen...Love your name since it's my middle one:) HA.

It's fun reading about Debbie's author friends and excerpts from their books. I like exploring new-to-me authors....Nancy:)