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Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay, if any of you have feline friends and have had this experience please help! You know I've posted about Jezebel playing in the water dish and then coming to bed all wet, right? Well, the little rat has begun to swipe at the water until the water dish is empty and the carpet and floor soaked! I'm continually filling the water dish.

I don't want to chase her away when I see her at the water dish because I don't want to make her afraid to get a drink when she wants one. But...how am I going to break her of this habit? Any suggestions?


LuAnn said...

Gosh, all I can say is "Good Luck." I know the best way to train a cat is with a squirt gun, but yours seems to enjoy playing in the water, so I'm not sure if that would work!

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL...I know! We only used the squirt gun to teach them to stay off the counters in the kitchen and dining room table. But you know, cats are smart. I know they get onto those things when we're gone or in bed.

michelle said...

I don't think cats like standing water. They prefer moving water. You could try one of those cat water fountains that keep the water moving and see if that helps. Or you could just put the bowl on a towel to absorb the splashes with a plastic placemat underneath so nothing soaks through.

Debbie Wallace said...

Oh Michelle, if you only knew. I just thank God I have ceramic tile. Good ideas, though. Thanks:)