Friday, March 20, 2009

I was watching Divorce Court today and one of the questions the judge asked the public to respond to is, "If your spouse isn't available for sexual relations is it okay to sleep with someone else?"

Isn't that a no brainer? I mean...NO! It isn't okay to sleep around. If you have a wedding ring on your finger, or are living with your soul mate, whom you love, no matter what the situation is, I'm a firm believer that you're loyal to that person. The last ten years of my first marriage were rotten but I never once strayed. In spite of that it was hard for me to give up that marriage because I was a firm believer that you finished what you started. After a while I just couldn't go on.

There's so much more to a relationship than sex. My soul mate and second hubby taught me that. In the beginning of our relationship I confused sex with love. I thought if we weren't doing it all the time than he didn't love me. Okay, I was a very naive woman of thirty-nine. Coming out of a twenty-four year marriage, I'd only ever been with my first husband. I had no idea what to expect in a relationship.

Now I know. I love my soul mate, even when I'm angry at him, disappointed or hate him. He taught me that loving someone means you're there for them. You look out for them. You share with them. The sex is nice, but if it goes for whatever reason, if your relationship with your significant other is strong and true, you'll be okay. You won't even miss the sex.

Okay, that was stretching it a bit but there's so much two people can do to keep the fires burning and satisfy the urge. Now dig out that bag in the back of your closet, clean up those toys and play! LOL

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