Saturday, February 7, 2009


My hubby has a new toy and he loves it! He uses it every day. Once, twice, three times, sometimes on and off all day, no matter what the time. When he gets the urge, he just whips it out and uses it. You'd think he would tire of it after a while. I know I am tired of it because I'm the one at the receiving end of it!

Get your mind out of the gutter! LOL Because I'm talking about his new cell phone. It's the first one he's ever had. I swear he's like a big kid. Yesterday while we were grocery shopping he called me half a dozen times in the store. Once while I was in line waiting to check out...the damn fool was right behind me! I glared back at him and he's standing there with that big stupid grin on his old face, trying to act all cool.

"Do I look cool?" he grins
"You're a dork," I say back to him. Then grin because I can't help it.

Men and their toys. He's so far behind the times that he doesn't know that no one pays any attention to someone on their cell phones anymore. It's not like in the beginning when very few people could afford the luxury of having one. Those were the ones you looked at in awe, thinking how important they must be to have a cell phone. You know, back when they were the size of a loaf of bread? LOL

I just called the old fool. He's outside working and I heard voices out front so I called him to go check it out. LOL Next I'm going to call him to let him know I'm going to the bathroom:)


LuAnn said...

I love it! My hubby hasn't had his cell phone for very long, either. I'm always having to explain something to him and all he has is a basic phone!

Becky said...

Great Post! My husband was the same way when we first got a cell phones. He had to try everything and what he couldn't figure out, I had to explain to him how to do it.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I hear the love in your voice for that old fool....Nancy;)

Debbie Wallace said...

OMG LuAnn! If I could count the times I've had to go over the same thing with my hubby I would be rich!

Debbie Wallace said...

Isn't it surprising, Becky? They can figure out how to use the remote control to the TV and all those buttons but are lost when it comes to a cell phone:)

Debbie Wallace said...

I can't hide anything from you, Nancy:)