Thursday, February 19, 2009

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I was just looking in the mirror and noticed how gray I'm getting. It's not like it happened over night. I had a sprinkle of gray here and there pop up slowly over the years but I can't deny how fast it seems to be taking over all of a sudden! Even my hubby took a second look the other night and commented on it. Annoyed, I told him at least I have hair to turn gray! LOL

The only time I've colored my hair is when the girls and I would go on vacation together, so it's been a few years. Now I'm wondering if it's time to go that route again. I just don't want to start something I'll have to keep up, even if I will look younger. But the question lingers in my mind, should I or shouldn't I?


Jennifer Roland said...

Does your gray hair make you feel distinguished and wise? Or old and gross?

If it's the former, love the grey and marvel at what it took to earn each pigment-free hair.

If the latter, grab the phone and make that appointment with your hairstylist (or run to the store for a box of good old Nice & Easy).

LuAnn said...

I don't really mind the gray color, it's the way those hairs act. They are stiffer than those of my regular color and tend to stick up all over the place. I've found the solution for me is a trip to my hairdresser and having her do a foil on my hair. She covers the gray and softens them, plus she adds highlights and brightens my hair!

Debbie Wallace said... doesn't bother me in the least Jennifer. And I've actually had compliments on it, one from a photographer. So I guess I'll keep it for a while:)

Debbie Wallace said...

You're right LuAnn. Those grays are like fishing line! LOL

dandan said...

hi debbie i am new to your books but after looking at your website i plan on getting a couple. i think women should go grey because we earn everyone of those little suckers.