Friday, February 27, 2009


And I'm not talking about the kind you walk on. I'm referring to the rugs balding men wear. Why do they wear them? Are they in denial and do they honestly think we can't spot one a mile away? My hubby wore one when we first got together. It was custom made and I had no idea, really. It wasn't until we were, ah, having whoopee one afternoon and the damn thing flopped forward over his eyes that I found out about it! LOL

Do men think we love them for their hair? By the time I found out hubby was balding I was so in love with him that he could have surprised me with anything. I didn't care. And after that I hated that darn rug. It took a couple years to convince him he didn't need it. He switched it for a baseball hat. One thing I noticed was when he did wear it, it was because we were going out and he knew there would be other women there. He told me he was vain.

I found that old rug in a box in the closet not too long ago. At first I thought something had crawled in there, died, and all that was left was the hair!

Last night we were dining out and I glanced over at a couple at the next table. I immediately spotted the rug. OMG it was so obvious. The poor guy was bald and the rug he was wearing was a thick strip of hair that only covered the very top of his head. I looked away so he wouldn't see my smile, and met hubby's eyes, seeing the amusement in them. He'd spotted the man and was doing the same thing.

I know several other men who wear rugs. Some look better than others. And I'm not saying I wouldn't wear a wig if I was losing my hair. Which I am. As I get older I notice it thinning out. Even though my stylist says I have nice hair...whatever that means:)


Karin said...

I do tend to feel bad for men who wear rugs on their heads because they're balding. I have a few cousins, from early to late twenties, who are balding and they've all chosen to go with the shaved head instead of with a rug. Personally, I'd be more drawn to someone who does that than someone who wears a rug - though I'd probably wear a wig if I had the same problem. It's silly that we're so tied to our hair, but it's the way it is. *sigh*

LuAnn said...

Men tend to be very vain!

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...OMG I almost wet myself. I swear to you the same thing happened to me with a dude I was seeing and in the same way as you experienced. I didn't know either and all of a sudden he reached up and snatched it off his head. Talk about! After that he just removed it ahead of time;)

I also would rather a man be bald than wear a hair piece. The amount of hair on his head doesn't make my attraction meter move one way or the's a whole host of personality traits.

I'm secretly pleased when a man is confident enough not to wear a "rug"...particularly when he's a younger man. I know several.

And, while we're on the subject...does anything look worse than a man with a four strand comb-over? Just kill me now. I personally want to take scissors to each and every one.

That hair thinning thing we womean experience is just one more of Mother Nature's gifts as we mature (she's such a ho)....Nancy:)

michelle said...

Hi Debbie, stopping by after reading your chat at Whipped Cream. I just got home from doing errands so just missed it in live time. I really enjoy your blog too... interesting and funny observatons that I can often relate to!

Just about every hairdresser I have ever been to has said I have nice hair or something like that. Either I was gifted with exceptional hair or they they just say that to everybody. :p

Debbie Wallace said...

Good for them, Karin. Some men are positively sexy bald!

Debbie Wallace said...

Well, my hubby admitted it more than once to me that he was vain. There's nothing wrong with them, or us caring about how we look. But when it's obvious they're losing their hair they only bring more attention to it by combing it over or wearing a hair piece.

Debbie Wallace said...

Yeah, mother nature can be cruel at times. By your picture you don't look like you have any hair loss problems. Lucky you!

I hate the comb over, too. Especially when the part begins at their ear! LOL

Debbie Wallace said...

Sorry we missed each other Sat. It was a great chat and I had a nice time getting to know some new folks.

Glad you like my blog. Hopefully you won't be a stranger:)

The hair comments might be true but I've been going to my hair dresser long enough for her not to be afraid to be truthful with me...I hope:)