Monday, February 23, 2009

Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention

Well, I'm gearing up for the RT Convention in April. I know I still have some time but I want to be good and ready when April 21st arrives. No last minute headaches or stress. I want to thoroughly enjoy myself that week. I'm really looking forward to the workshops I've selected and meeting people I've met over the internet the last few years.

What am I doing to prepare? Lots of promotional items for one. I've had professional post cards bookmarks, magnets and some key chains made. I get to bring 3 titles of my books for the autographing event so I'm thinking of "THE SENATOR'S DAUGHTER", "WICKED DESIRE" and "IT'S ALL IN THE JEANS". With the release date of "THE COWBOY WAY" on April 15th I'm not sure an order will arrive in time.

I've heard the spot each author gets in promotion lane isn't very big so I'm thinking of a way to showcase the items I'm bringing. What do ya'll think of one of those see through plastic letter stands? Gee, I wish I knew what the official name was. You mostly see these on desks and it has 3-4 separate slots. I figured that way each item will be visible and it will be stacked in layers while taking up little space.

Each day closer I get more excited. This is for me!

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