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Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's so nice getting together with old friends. Especially when you haven't seen one of them in a while. There's three of us. Bonnie, Sonya and me. We used to work together about 12 years ago and have kept in touch through e-mails and phone calls. Two of us get together on a fairly regular basis but our mutual friend we hadn't seen in about 4 years. That changed tonight when we finally met for dinner.

It took us a couple hours to catch up with what we've all been doing since last getting together. Two of us have retired, I still have a few years to go. As we shared a nice dinner we discussed our families, amazed at how old our kids and grand kids are now, covered divorces and who has passed away. We touched on the old days when we worked together and as we finished up by taking pictures we promised not to let so much time go by when we get together for dinner again.

The same promise we made four years ago:)


Nancy Bristow said...

Ah Debbie...'tis the way of things but as you've illustrated it's also the way with really close friends that whether it's one year or four the instant comradery is there when you do reconnect....Nancy:)

Tory Richards said...

You're so right girl!