Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Going to the Doctor

Who likes to go to the doctor? Raise you hand. What...no one? Come on, there has to be someone who enjoys going into a place where strangers want a sample of your pee, blood, take your blood pressure when you know it's sky high from the stress of going to the doctor, and then have the nerve to weigh you. I turn my head and refuse to look at the bar. You know, the one where they keep moving that little weight thingy further to the right?

Then the fun begins when they lead you to your room. The nurse hands you a one size fits all little piece of tissue and asks you to undress and cover up with it. I use more toilet paper when I go to the bathroom! But I do what she asks and strip down, then spend the next half hour trying to arrange that little square over my private parts. The trouble is, they're all private parts to me! LOL I end up having to make up my mind what part I want to cover most. And by that time the tissue is ripped in several places.

Today I even contemplated taping a couple of the tissue pieces together to make one giant one. Why they give it to you in the first place I'll never know. The little it covers is quickly uncovered when the doctor moves it aside or raises it to examine you. I guess it's to make you feel like you're not completely exposed.

But no matter how I try, I can't pretend two strangers standing at the foot of the table aren't seeing things I can't even see anymore!


Karin said...

I hope your appointment went well. I'm not a big fan of the yearly exams either.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Every woman alive who has her annual check-up can relate:)

Since I chose an older woman for my GYN (one way closer to my age than one of those 12 year olds) at least it's only she and I in the room. It's certainly not my favorite activity but I'm comfortable with her and lets face it, we're lucky if the doctor spends 15 minutes with us.

It's the prior 15 minutes with us sitting and squirming around practically bare assed naked WAITING for the doctor to come in the room that's annoying.

I was going to make a very rude remark about your last sentence but I think I'll give you one word and let you fill in the blanks..."camera." *snort* Kiss, kiss....Nancy:)

michelle said...

"I end up having to make up my mind what part I want to cover most. And by that time the tissue is ripped in several places."

ROFL! I had to laugh at this, it is so true!

Debbie Wallace said...

What yearly? For the first time in years I skipped a couple years because I knew my doctor was going to bring up that it was time for a colonscopy again.

I'm a big chicken!

Debbie Wallace said...

Come on Nancy, bring it on, I can handle it:)

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Michelle, you'd think they'd have different sizes instead of assuming one size fits all!