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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This snake was recently found at the old Turkey Creek located just south of BURGAW, N.C.-- 20 MILES NORTH OF WILMINGTON, NC

A reminder that these creatures are actually out there and no matter what you believe, sometimes they should get not only prescriptive rights to be there but the full right of way!

9 feet, 1 inch - 97 lbs.


LuAnn said...

Wow! That thing is HUGE!

Karin said...

Oh my! This makes me extremely happy not to live anywhere near there. I dislike snakes.

Debbie Wallace said...

You know ladies, it's bad enough it's a snake, but it's also poisonous! Can you imagine being bit by this thing?

Nancy Bristow said...

Yo Mama...'hits a biggen. I don't hate snakes but neither do I want to be up close and personal with one...give me small and furry any day:) ....Nancy

Debbie Wallace said...

I don't hate snakes either, or any animal for that matter. But I sure am scared of them! I've had a couple frightening moments with them.