Thursday, January 22, 2009


Do you have a routine? I do! And I find as I get older the less I want my routine interrupted. In any way. No matter what the situation. I'm comfortable with my routine. It's well established, works for me, and it's the one thing I can count on. People who know me well know that to break my routine, I need plenty of notice. That's why I'm a planner. I work my life out to suite me. Maybe that sounds selfish, but life is short. Why not be happy and as stress free as I can be?

My morning routine is simple. Five mornings a week I wake at 5:35 and head straight to the bathroom where I do those morning things like brush my teeth and put on my face. I make my bed, dress, give the cats a little attention and some treats, drink a glass of water and head off to work. I have everything planned right down to the minute. The only morning I break that routine is Thursday morning, when I stop at McDonald's for a hazelnut iced coffee and a bacon, egg and cheese mcgriddle. Thursdays are my Fridays at work so I celebrate another week behind me and closer to retirement:)

When I get home from work I have another boring routine. After greeting the kitties and kissing hubby, in that order, I head straight to the TV to watch Judge Judy. Then I go to bathroom for my shower. I dress into my PJ's, head to the kitchen for dinner. Finish up the evening by watching a little TV and playing on the computer.


Tonight I came home to a disaster. When I pulled into the drive I noticed the outside door was wide open. Ok, sometimes that happens when you don't pull it shut tight. But when I got close enough to see that the inside door was also open I went ballistic. My first thought was that the cats were out. I saw hubby at the kitchen sink and lit into him, thinking he didn't even notice he hadn't shut the doors. He stopped me in mid sentence and said, don't you see we have a problem? Don't you smell it?

Apparently he'd fallen asleep while cooking and woke to a house full of stink and smoke. The cats, thank God, were safe and shut up in the bedroom. Hubby had opened up as many doors and windows as he could, had all the fans going, to get rid of the smoke and stink. Most of the smoke was gone by the time I got home but when I calmed down I could smell the stink. The pot he'd burnt up was beyond cleaning. How can you ruin a pot with nothing but water in it?

Anyways, I got over it pretty quick and apologized for my outburst once I realized Woofy, Gin Gin and Jezebel were okay. I got to watch half of Judge Judy. And the spaghetti he'd made for dinner was good:)


BethRe said...

Yes I do have routines but sometimes I feel this it isn't such a good thing to always do things the same way. Maybe I've read too many suspense books but if someone was watching they could follow my patterns prettily easily

LuAnn said...

I used to have a routine, but my husband retired!

Debbie Wallace said...

Hi Beth! I know and I've heard the same thing about people with routins. Luckily most of my routines are done out of public view:)

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL...oh LuAnn! I feel so sorry for you:) Not only can't you establish routines but you don't get any time to yourself. How do you remain sain?

LuAnn said...

I don't! The man figures since he doesn't have to get up for work, he should sleep all morning!

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...We are creatures of habit and it's comforting but I also find spontaneity can be joyful and fun at times...if I'm open to it.

When I retired I went ballistically selfish living my life to suit me exactly and I'm loving it.

My biggest annoyance are telemarketers particularly when they wake me from a spontaneous nap. Even though I've put myself on all known "DO NOT CALL" list there are still several automated ones I can't get rid of. The humans I connect with live to regret it....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL, that might work out in your favor LuAnn. I let mine sleep until noon the other day so had the whole morning to myself:)

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Nancy, I don't take a nap often but when I do I take the phone off the hook.