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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let the Edits Begin!

I was just notified by my editor for "THE COWBOY WAY", with the attachment of the first edits for the manuscript. I can't believe how fast it came up. But think about it, the book comes out in April! And you know what that means? I better buckle down and get my next book done. I'm already a head of my one book a year goal anyway.

I envy those authors who can whip a new book out every month. Especially if they also work a full time job. I wish I had their discipline. But the truth is I get distracted very easily. The only time I work diligently at a manuscript is when I'm glued to my chair in the office. Alone, no TV or radio on. What kind of life is that?

I can't wait to see what the book cover to this one is going to look like!


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Do you think chaps are a possibility? *eyebrow wiggle* ....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL...I'll see what I can do:) But no promises. At least the cover artists with WCP work with you.