Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God...shoot me now! I don't think I have enough time, patience, or love to teach my hubby how to use the computer. Apparently his granddaughter got him started on it when he was visiting her in MO and now he wants to continue with the lessons. I've encouraged him to find some place that offers computer lessons, even if he has to pay for it. I don't think he's too old to learn, he's very intelligent. He just can't learn from me.

A few years ago I recall he tried to teach me how to golf. One day folks, one day was all it took for us to realize it was not going to work. I couldn't hold the club correctly and I never did get the ball in the air. It was obvious very early on that golf wasn't a game to him, where as I had only played putt gold up till then. Needless to say after that I just went a long for the ride in the golf cart. I enjoyed watching him and his friends play.

Anyway, back to the computer issue. He knows what button to turn it on, how to open word so he can type, and how to move the mouse. That's all.

I feel a headache coming on:)


Nancy Bristow said...

LOL...Good thinking Debbie...definitely get the hubs to learn computers somewhere else. I agree that people are never to old to learn new stuff, and also agree it's better that people close to us learn a new skill from a professional:) (After he takes classes, you could offer to play back-up if he really gets stuck on something.)

He could also teach himself...he could get "Computers for Dummies" from the library (that doesn't mean he's dumb). There could also be a community college or Y or senior center that offers classes. My guess is that he really wants to learn how to email? ....Nancy

Karin said...

Oh my. Yeah, he definitely needs to find somewhere to take some classes. Or, like Nancy said, pick up 'Computers for Dummies' or something to teach himself.

Debbie Wallace said...

Yeah, email and look stuff up on the internet.

Debbie Wallace said...

I'll suggest the book but he's also looking for a class for seniors somewhere.