Saturday, December 20, 2008


With Christmas right around the corner I was just wondering, what's your family tradition? We all have them. Mine is that my daughter, niece and I always get together one night very close to Christmas. We hang out, have dinner and exchange our stockings, which are really large gift bags. Like overgrown kids we sit around the tree and take our turns pulling gifts out. Making a big deal out of the new toothbrush or floss. LOL I can just hear them now, when they pull out those first aid kits.

Of course, there's some good stuff, too. Like the snow baby I get for my daughter every year to add to her collection.

We started this about the time I divorced my first husband. My daughter was being pulled all different ways because she had two sets of grandparents, her dad and me, and Christmas for her was spent trying to make everyone happy. She spent more time on the road trying to divide her time up between us because we all wanted her with us. So, to try and be considerate of that and help ease the stress of what should be a great day we decided to do our thing before Christmas. My niece has always been like my second daughter so it was only natural she be included.

We've been doing this about 16 years now:)


Karin said...

My Christmas traditions involve a lot of driving around. On Christmas Eve there is mass, then a few hours at my dad's mom's house where his whole side of the family goes every year, and then it's off to my mom's parents' house for a few hours with all of her side of the family who lives in town. On Christmas day, we now go over to my oldest brother's house for breakfast before everyone goes to our parents' house for dinner.

ddurance said...

I love that we get to open presents with my parents on Christmas. They're right next door and I'm so thankful that they're still here to share the season with.


Debbie Wallace said...

Oh Karin, I was in the same boat once, for many years. Trying to spend time with everyone and everyone wanted us because we had the first grandchild in a very large family. It was rough and I decided I wouldn't put my daughter through that.

Don't get me wrong, we wanted to see everyone, too. It was just so hard making everyone happy.

Debbie Wallace said...

You are lucky Deidre. The only parent I have left is my step-dad and he recently moved to TN. When mom was alive they lived close enough to get together during the holidays.