Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sad but True

It's only been ten years since I put my hands on a computer for the very first time. I was terrified! Sure I would do something to make it blow up or something. People, or co-workers I should say, got a good laugh at my expense every time I was introduced to something new about it. And I hated the computer classes I was signed up for because I always felt so frustrated and inadequate.

The first thing I had challenges with was the mouse and learning how to control the cursor. It seemed to have a mind of its own and trying to zero it in on what you wanted to click on was nearly impossible. But alas, I mastered the technique fairly early on.

Then challenges came with the mouse pad. It wasn't big enough. The mouse would be at the very edge of the pad but the cursor wasn't any where near I wanted it so I would have to pick up the mouse pad and move it beyond the mouse.

One morning I came in to work and a smart ass co-worker, so called friend put his desk calendar, the kind that covers most of your desk, under my mouse and wrote Debbie's mouse pad on it. Ha! Ha!

Now let's move on to the CD player. Did you know that it works perfectly as a cup holder? Try it. At first I didn't know that's where you insert those little records. But wow, now it provides two services so you really get your monies worth.

Speaking of money, why are computers so expensive when they're only good for a few short years before they become slow and outdated? I'm on my second desk top and first lap top, which by the way, is the way to go. I doubt I'll ever buy another desk top.

I've learned a lot over the years and can't imagine not having a computer in my life.


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Coming out of the dark ages of a manual typewriter, then an electric one, I thought when computers came on the scene it was pure magic. A tool that I was bound and determined to master.

I also was fraid I'd do something to destroy my first computer but my determination and excitment led me through my learning curve and a great deal of pain and suffering *grin*. I bought my first home computer around 1985 even before we each had one of our own at work. I bought a better quality one along with a better printer, which I needed for graphics.

I was competely enthralled with the "graphic" applications and still maintain that interest to this day.

While I like the idea of a lap top's portability the actual
maneuvering of the cursor makes me want to kill myself so I'm a desk top baby all the way with a 19" flat screen monitor.

The mouse is another story...I use now and have almost from the beginning a Logitech roller ball. There is zero movement of the mouse...just my thumb on the ball and my hand comfortable resting on the mouse with the clickers under my fingers. It's a totally comfortable fit for my hand and ideal for my needs because a regular mouse numbs my hand and wrist in short order. I operate it as easy as breathing but for those unfamilar with it, there is an adjustment period. (the cursor is controlled by thumb rolling the ball)

I agree that the computer obsolete factor is frustrating. I also believe that sales will be slowing down substantially over the next couple of years or so. The current recession is such that I think most folks will think twice about getting a new computer just to be able to have the latest bells and whistles. In time the same obsolete factor will no doubt resume as it is now.

As I've upgraded over the years it hasn't been all that frequently as I try to anticipate future needs and bump up as much as I can afford at the time and only add the bells and whistles that are truly important to me. As long as the equipment works and isn't intolerably slow I tend to keep it for a l-o-n-g time.

I do love that I can buy better equipment for less money than I did 23 years ago. That's doesn't happen often.

Like you, I can't imagine not having a computer in my life. It's just as your graphic on the home page says, a lot of my friends live in here....Nancy:)

Karin said...

Oh, that comic had me laughing so hard.

Debbie Wallace said...

I can tell you're a lot more adventurous than I am, Nancy. I'm the last one to try anything new. I'm impatient with learning new things so therefore stick with the old until forced to do otherwise.

One thing for sure is that they're always coming up with new and improved.