Monday, December 15, 2008

A Nice Surprise

I came home today to a small package in the mail. One of my readers and new friend sent me a Christmas card and 3 cute little handmade kitties! In my heart each one represents one of my beloved cats. I'm pretty sure they're Christmas tree ornaments but I'm going to hang them some place where I can enjoy them year round.

Thank you Nancy! Did you make them?


ddurance said...

Isn't it wonderful to find a surprise in your mailbox?


Debbie Wallace said...

Yes! So much nicer than another bill! LOL

Nancy Bristow said...

You're very welcome Debbie. In my mind they were to represent your three fur babies. You give your fans gifts all year long and it was a small token of appreciation.

I didn't personally make them other than adding the hanger. If you wanted to, you could also hot glue a magnet on them.

I think you'll like the back story on who did make them. Her name is Sue and she lives in my sister, Sharon's, neighborhood in Berlin, MD. Sue loves to sew and also belongs to a quilting club. She makes some (kitties and dogs) as fund raisers for the club to use for a scholarship fund. The best part is that Sue's a cat lover and has a big old 20 pound boy by the name of Bo Bo. Sharon said he's the sweetest thing ever (Sharon has two cats of her own.) I'll be sending you a picture.

The next time I visit Sharon I have a personal invitation to meet and greet Bo Bo.

It delights me that you like the kitties and will enjoy them all year long. I plan to do the same with the ones I was given at Halloween. At the moment mine are in a basket.

They are totally useless of course, except for the smile factor, which isn't useless at all....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...

A 20 pound cat! And I thought Gin Gin was huge at almost 15. That is a nice story, Nancy. Can't wait to see a picture!

My mom was a seamstress and quilter and she was always making crafty stuff. I didn't inherit her creativity, though.