Friday, December 12, 2008


Good lord, I just spent $250 on stocking stuffers and I am done Christmas shopping. I usually buy the girls, and by girls I mean my daughter and niece, the same stocking stuffers every year. They look forward to body lotions, toothbrushes, purse size hand sanitizers, nail polish and various other personal items. Of course they get candy, the good stuff, and my daughter gets a can of asparagus. She loves the stuff but it's so darn expensive. Gee, it was almost #3 a can this year.

This year I bought my son-in-law a few things for the stocking, too. He loves Red Lobster so I got him a gift card. He gets a jar of olives. I know it's weird but it's our funny tradition. Michelle has received a can of asparagus for Christmas every year for as long as I can remember:)

The girls always get a kick out of the practical gift I usually come up with. One year it was one of those car window breakers for just in case they get into an accident and end up in a lake. They can also use it for cutting the seat belt strap. Then another year I got them something that inflates tires in case they get a flat somewhere, they can at least make it somewhere safe to get it repaired.

This year I bought them first aid kits for their cars. Well...I have a little granddaughter now and my niece commutes back and forth to college every week on the turnpike. You never know when a band aid will come in handy. I also got her Triple A for peace of mind.

I'm not paranoid. I just like to be prepared. Anyway, they'll roll their eyes over the first aid kits and laugh, but it's all in fun. They expect something like that from me:)


Karin said...

Congratulations on getting that all done! I still have to figure out what to get a few people, though I have some ideas. *sigh*

Debbie Wallace said...

I think as people get older it's harder to buy for them. Anyway, I'm glad I only have a few to get for.

Good luck! You still have plenty of time:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Good for you. When I still did Christmas gifts I loved doing stocking stuffers best...and you're right, it's easy to rack up mega dollars without even blinking.

My special stocking stuffer was a can of fish roe (not caviar but fish eggs just the same called Herring Roe) - even more expensive than asparagus and seasonal on top of it. I love it and was raised on it (at a much lower cost years ago). It can be drained and just scrambled in a fry pan or my personal favorite...drained, an egg beaten in and fried in patties in a small amount of bacon grease. Whenever I happen to find it in the store, I will treat myself.

Love your practical gift ideas...used to do this too along with some small frivalous something just for fun or something I knew the person liked but wouldn't buy for themselves.

True statement about how little we really need once we past that half century mark or less, really. That's when I switch to "consumables" so it doesn't add to the alarming amount of "stuff" we all tend to collect over a lifetime....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...

Okay, I have to be honest. I've heard of fish roe but yuck! LOL Not before breakfast:)

My mom liked stuff like that. She would gross us out eating pigs feet and blood sausage. I can't say anything bad about liver and onions because I liked it too:)

Have you ever had tongue?

Nancy Bristow said...

Okay Debbie...I wouldn't touch pigs feet or tongue if I were starving to death. (The only tongue I ever want is a human man tongue:)

At least fish roe patties look something on the order of a potato pancake and admittedly could be acquired taste.

The only tongue and pigs feet I've seen are in the meat section of the grocery store and I avert my eyes quickly. I haven't tasted either so it's the visual that repels me. I love pig skins...does that count? I actually don't know what blood sausage is.

I can only handle one bite of liver. It always smells good but I simply can't get past the one bite.

We're lucky to have so many choices....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...

Nancy, you would like tongue, if you like ham. I didn't know the difference until my host told me what I'd just eaten.

You can eat pigs skins but not pigs feet? Yuck to both! My mom loved both, too.

Blood sausage is made from blood but that's all I know. It's enough:)