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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can you believe how close Christmas is? Gee, it came up fast. I'm looking forward to another 4-day weekend, beginning on Wednesday.

Are you still shopping? Used to be I would shop right up until the last minute, and still worry I didn't buy enough. Yesterday I ventured to the mall down the street but only because I needed some pants. I didn't actually go into the mall. I'm not crazy! LOL I dashed into Penny's, found the pants I wanted and was out in under an hour. How good was that?

Did I tell you I hate shopping?


Karin said...

I'm with you on hating shopping. The only times I even venture to the stores are when I actually need something.

ddurance said...

I definitely hate shopping this time of year. Sometimes it's okay, when you have a few bucks to blow. LOL

I've only got a couple of gifts that I've put off, so I'm nearly done.


Debbie Wallace said...

Ditto, Karin!

Debbie Wallace said...

Yeah, what is it about Christmas shopping that turns normal folks into snarling, greedy people? That's one reason I hate shopping this time of year.