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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Words

Well, I did it! Went to the humane society after work today. I went there for an adult black cat, male and neutered. I was determined to adopt an adult because no one seems to want them, they all want kittens. So what did I do? I came home with a female kitten. But that's only because they only had four adult cats up for adoption and none of them appealed to me.

Ebony is solid black with gold eyes and spayed so at least she's half of what I wanted. I couldn't help it! I fell in love with her. And she looked so pitiful all alone in her cage. She'd only been brought in a couple hours before I showed up and she was so scared. I just couldn't leave her. I couldn't!

I'll post a picture of her this weekend. She has a very sweet disposition. I'm keeping her in the spare bathroom tonight and while I'm at work tomorrow. Until Woofy and Gin Gin are used to her I want to take precautions. It's funny but I held her for about an hour tonight and they were all very curious of each other. However, Ebony looked so comical hissing and showing her tiny teeth at Woofy. All he wants to do is play.


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Congrats! Mom on your new fur baby. How lucky she is for your soft heart. Can't wait to pictures of Ebony....Nancy:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Grrrrrrr...that would be "Can't wait to see pictures of Ebony."

Ruby (Mouth) said...

She sounds like a doll. Believe it or not, black cats, even kittens need to be adopted. So many people don't like them and they need good homes. I am sure Ebony is thrilled with her new home. I adopted a colid white cat about five years agi and he is one of the best pets I have ever had.

Karin said...

Aw, your new kitty sounds like a cutie. I can't wait to see a picture.

Debbie Wallace said...

Thanks for the support my friends! I gave her a new name. Jezabel, Jezzie for short, tricked me! LOL She's not the quiet little mouse I first thought. She's very vocal and fiesty and I have the scratches to prove it. I'm taking her down in the morning so they can clip her nails.

I'm gradually introducting her to Woofy and Gin Gin but I don't want to let her run loose until her nails are cut. She's already been hissing and growling at them. Kind of funny to see because she's so small.

ddurance said...

I hope all goes well and she grows to love her roommates! LOL


Debbie Wallace said...

Hi Ddurance, so far it's looking good. She and Woofy are well on the way to becoming friends. Gin Gin is still off hiding somewhere:)