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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is your house in good shape?

Why no...it's about to collapse around me! The plumbing backs up all the time and the roof leaks. I'm sorry but is this a stupid question? My house is for sale and the sign I put up out front has a plastic container for flyers. So I created some that include a picture of the house and detailed information about the good stuff. You know, ceramic tile, Berber carpet, roof and air conditioner still under warranty, stuff like that. I didn't put the price on it for a reason. So I get a call today, from a nice man, inquiring about the house.

"I just drove by and stopped for a flyer," he says. "I'd like to ask you a couple questions."
"Sure," I respond.
"Do you know what year it is?"
"I think 83 or 85," I reply.
"Is it in good shape?"
Was he kidding? Did he expect to hear me say no? "It's in very good shape." Which is the truth.
"What are you asking for it?"
I tell him, still stunned over his last question. I mean, is it me or was that a stupid question? He thanked me and hung up.

All he really wanted to know was the bottom line, the price.

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