Monday, November 17, 2008

Dad likes to shop. EVERY day. We’ve been to Wal-Mart three times in the three days he’s been here. I hate Wal-Mart. I hate shopping. I have to force myself to go to Wal-Mart once a week to do grocery shopping. He doesn’t see anything wrong with running to the store for one thing. Finally I told him that Friday is shopping day and we’re not going back to Wal-Mart until then. Make a list!

I got home from work today and guess what…he broke the faucet in the tub when he took a shower today. We had to go to Lowe’s for a new one. Ate dinner out since we were out anyway. He had a great prime rib and I had shrimp. If I didn’t know better I’d think he broke the faucet on purpose just for a reason to go shopping!

He’s still a young man at 72, but can’t drive anymore due to medical reasons. So wherever he goes he has to rely on someone else to take him places. And being stuck at home all day he wants to get out when I get home from work. I wonder what he’ll come up with tomorrow

I’ve made up my mind not to let it bother me. He’s home for the holidays and I’m glad to spend the time with him.


Karin said...

I'm with you on not only not particularly liking Wal-Mart but also in not liking shopping in general.

I hope the rest of your visit with your dad goes a bit smoother.

Debbie Wallace said...

So far so good!

kerribookwriter said...

OMG, I can so relate to this. I absolutely hate Walmart. The last couple of times I've been there, I've spent ridiculous amounts of time looking for a couple of items. It drives me crazy. I call it "the bermuda triangle from hell". LOL

Btw, I forgot that you were in Florida. We are headed down there to stay with hubby's family next week for the holiday. What's the weather supposed to be? My 84 year old father in law told me it was freezing but he keeps his house at 80 degrees in the summer and suffocates us so I can't look to him for an accurate weather forecast.

Debbie Wallace said...

The bermuda triangle from hell, too funny! LOL

Why is it older folks want it so darn hot? My dad and I go back and forth as he's always cold and I'm always hot. I'm at the hot flash age:)

The weather this week is cold during the nights but warms up nicely during the day. Beautiful weather!

Thanksgiving week is supposed to be cool the earlier part of the week and start to warm up but only get up to the 60s and 70s during the days.

Nancy Bristow said...

Hey Debbie...I went to Walmart today...not because I particularly like the store either but the prices can't be beat for those things I use on a regular basis.

The only good thing is that whenever I DO go, I ALWAYS buy myself some books as a treat for having gone there:) Or to put it another way, any savings I might have realized on the necessities is spent on my addiction to books. This Walmart has a decent selection and new books come in every week (though I don't make the trip that often). Walmart buys in such volume that regular mass market books are usually 4.97 and category are 3.67. I can't beat the prices even at B&N with a member discount but then again, Walmart doesn't carry all the authors I read. And then a treat is a treat:) Otherwise I'd have to beat myself with a big stick to make me go to Walmart.

Today was more fun than usual because a friend of mine (we used to work together and she's still working) met me for lunch...this particular Walmart has a Subway shop inside. We've been friends for about 8 years now and usually have lunch together at any number of local places about once a month since my retirement a couple of years ago. It actually doesn't matter where we go as we enjoy each other's company thoroughly.

The tables and booths were full today and we were surrounded with "white heads." I thought to myself, OMG! I'm so close to that age that I could actually be part of this group...almost. Even though my hair is not white yet and I don't think of myself as old as I am (of course) because human nature is to deny that we will EVER be that old and then there it day it up and slaps us in the face.

I've thought on it awhile and you know, it really is okay. If I can live to the point of having all white hair and even more wrinkles than I do and can still make it to Walmart to shop and have lunch with a friend, then what's the down side? *grin*

There's a commercial running now with a catchy tune and featuring all old women doing silly things and singing "I want to live to be an old woman...." It's very funny and I enjoy watching it each time it comes on. The ad is encouraging women to have their mammograms.

All this to say I agree with your wise decision regarding your Dad but I'd like to give you a heads-up. The shopping trips may last a very long time:)

When Mom was alive she never learned to drive so for ten years after Dad's death my sisters and I alternated making a 3 to 6 hour trip to her home about every two weeks to take her on her shopping trips.

At the time two of us were working full time and my other sister was so far away with pet care involved that she and her husband made the trip less frequently but stayed longer when they did. Regardless the shopping was marathon with trips to anywhere between 4 and 6 stores each and every time. Mom had her list and her itinery. We'd barely make it out of the car before we were off and running.

My sisters and I did have some fun among ourselves with Mom's routine and compared number of stores we each went to on our particular trip but it was Mom's thing and we went with the program.

Actually I marveled at her stamina...and when we finished shopping, she was the one to cook the homemade dinner. I let her. It was her way of saying thank you to her daughter; that let me know she enjoyed my company and that she appreciated the effort it took to come to take her shopping. This was the routine until her final year at the age of 88.

I'd do it all again in a heart beat as would my sisters but even though thyroid cancer, in a very few short weeks, took her life in the end, we knew she was ready and that she was tired. Independent and mule stubborn I couldn't be more proud of the courage, dignity and spirit that was such a part of her. As her namesake, I hope I come somewhere close when it's my time.

I'd like to leave these thoughts with something lighter...on the way back to her home on one of our shopping marathon trips there was a young dude with car trouble off to the side of the road and as I was making the turn he looked over at me and said, "Hey, Babe." Mom and I howled...I was neither young nor a babe. We laughed about this incident for many subsequent trips....Nancy:)

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL I bet that hey babe comment made your day! I always get a chuckle when someone younger calls me ma'am.

Sounds like your mother has some great daughters. That alone should make you feel good about yourself, because you did the right thing.

I don't mind running dad around. We bicker but it's all in fun and I heard him tell a neighbor the other day that he was doing everything he could to irritate me but don't worry, I'm getting him back:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Yeah Debbie...That "Hey Babe" comment did make my day and was priceless for the many times Mom and I laughed about it.

Make no mistake...Mom and I hit head-on much more so than with my other two sisters because surprise, surprise...we both had that mule headed stubbordness thing going on. But honestly, I really was more flexible in my attitudes than she;) She was much more a product of her era, and I had the woman's movement in mine.

The good thing was that eventually we could let the issue drop because neither of us were going to change our mind.

I could still pull up directly in front of a store and then gently push her out of the car with a "get out, old woman" and have both of us laughing....Nancy

P.S. I feel good about myself for not having any regrets about being there for each of my parents in their time of need.

After all no matter what went down, they had been there for us our entire lives even after leaving the nest. We didn't think twice about returning the support when they needed us. You're correct, it was absolutely the right thing to do.