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Friday, October 17, 2008


A heavily pregnant female Muntjac deer was admitted into our Hospital on 20th September after she was hit by a car in Aston Clinton, Bucks. She had severe head, jaw and pelvic injuries and stayed in the deer intensive care wards for a few days. Sadly despite expert care, her injuries were too severe and she would not recover from them, and so the vet decided the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep.

As her pregnancy was so far advanced, the decision was taken to give her unborn fawn a chance. Rupert was delivered by Caesarean section on Thursday 25th September. Rupert was very premature and taken immediately into intensive care. He was placed into an incubator with an oxygen supply and heat, and a soft vet bed so make him comfortable. He was determined to be around 2 - 3 weeks early and his eyes were not open. Deer's eyes are open by the time they are born naturally. He was unable to suckle initially and so was fed by tube initially with colostrum to mimic the protective feeds he would have received from his mother.

He was also given some deer rumen contents to help stimulate his digestive system and later moved onto lambs milk substitute and fed by bottle. As he was so tiny and only taking very small amounts, he was fed hourly day and night.
He remained here for a couple of days and is slowly starting to make some improvements.

He was then taken on by our chief foster mum, Jacqui, where he can get round the clock care and attention from his new 'mum'.


Ruby (Mouth) said...

So cute and sooo little! I would adopt him in a heartbeat!! LOL!!

Dina said...

He is darling.

sarabelle said...

omg he is absolutely prescious.

Debbie Wallace said...

I agree with all your comments. Too cute for words, huh?

If I didn't see it with my own eyes I would question a baby deer fitting in the palm of a hand.

ddurance said...

I got this in an email. It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, so adorable.


Debbie Wallace said...

Yeah, and it's hard to believe something so small can be so perfectly formed, huh Deidre?

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I so hope this precious baby makes it. You know I have a thing for tiny animals...my 12 week old baby yorkie who's at the Rainbow Bridge fit in my palm when I first got her. Her adult weight was 5 pounds....Nancy

Debbie Wallace said...

Gee Nancy, 5lbs. isn't much. No wonder you see so many folks who have those little dogs carry them around in doggie purses:)

What's the Rainbow Bridge?

Vicky said...

I think that is the most precious thing I have ever seen. Lol. How cute!!!!!

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...Rainbow Bridge is a imaginary place where some pet owners like to believe their pets go when they die. We like to believe they wait there for us until we die and then we are reunited. That meanwhile they have been restored to full health, are happy and have lots of friends to play with while waiting for us.

Admittedly a selfish belief to comfort some of us who consider the death of a pet as we would a "family member." It simply helps some of us to ease the pain of having a beloved pet die. There is a beautiful Rainbow Bridge poem that's available to any pet owner who wants to read it. Most pet groups have a copy or I'm sure an internet search will bring it up.

My last yorkie was the third one in my life and we were attached at the hip for 13 years(had my first two for 15 years).

So far I'm not able to get another...this may or may not change. I have to seriously consider my age plus the years my pet may live. As you may note, I've never taken the responsibility of pet ownership lightly....Nancy

BethRe said...

Oh how adorable.