Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Writings

You know, I'm not one for writing letters or emailing companies when I receive bad service or a product from them. I chalk it up to the times we live in and make a mental note not to go back to that place. It's not like the old days when most business owners truly cared about keeping their customers.

Remember those days when the customer was always right?

I can't tell you how many letters my hubby has had me type up over the years to send to a doctor, hospital, insurance company, or business to complain. Most of the time they went ignored.

Well, I sent my own e-mail out a couple weeks ago to a restaurant chain that I had a complaint about. I stopped at the drive through on my way home from work and ordered a hamburger, medium well, and onion rings, which are supposed to be the best. When I got home I found the hamburger dry from being over cooked, and the onion rings were all broken up and also over cooked to the point that the onion inside was all but gone.

I might have let it go, if it was the first time. The first time I was actually dining inside so was able to return the onion rings for a new order, which were as good as they advertise.

The second time did it for me, so I sent in a complaint.

A couple days ago I received a call from the restaurant manager who apologised and offered to send me a couple free meal coupons in the mail if I would give them another chance. So I agreed. After all, they do have the best sweet tea in town!

Maybe hubby has the right idea after all.


RubyD said...

Good for you! We have also found that a well written complaint even to the largest corporations gets results, sometimes with a coupon or a letter of apology if a coupon is not feasible.

Debbie Wallace said...

I'm still waiting for those coupons in the mail:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie....The squeeky wheel always gets the oil. Now let's see if the dude follows through. He might need another nudge over his head:) Nancy:)

P.S. Has the hubs returned?

Debbie Wallace said...

I'm beginning to wonder. How long does it take to get a coupon in the mail when it's mailed from a place just down the street? Still waiting:)