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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The big one?

OMG...will Ike be the one? All of Florida is in the cone of, shoot, I can't recall the word the weather man used. My daughter and I just got off the phone, after going through a list of things to take care of before next Tuesday, when we should start feeling the effects of the storm. The weather man said this storm is going to be big, dangerous, and have the potential of doing the same kind of damage we received in 2004. Right now we can only wait to see how it turns.

Keep your fingers crossed for us Floridians and anyone else who might get a visit from Ike.


Tara W said...

I've been glued to the weather channel keeping up with hurricane Ike. I'm in AL and not sure where it will end up. I hope everyone stay safe.

Debbie Wallace said...

Me too, Tara! It's turning slightly but either way, it's going to be bad news wherever it lands.

Dina said...

I couldn't live where these can come all the time. It's bad enough when tornados are near me.

Hope you don't get much at all.

Nancy Bristow said...

Stay safe and do all those worst case things and we'll hope for the best. Scary stuff...Nancy

Debbie Wallace said...

Well you know, Dina, I'm terrified of tornados! You can't prepare for them like you can a hurricane.

Debbie Wallace said...

Yeah it is Nancy, for anyone facing it. Looks like those poor folks in LA are going to get some of him, too. I feel so bad for them.