Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What are we supposed to do?

You drive up to a red light and stop, and right there on the corner or median is a homeless person. You look everywhere but at him, but you know he's there. Dressed in worn, dirty clothes, sometimes a baseball hat on his head. Long dirty hair hanging down to his shoulders. Carrying a cardboard sign that says "Homeless. Will work for food." The ones that say "Veteran" or "Vietnam vet" really tug at the heart strings.

What are we supposed to do? Would they really work for food? I've given them money before. Then later see them smoking. I won't support a nicotine habit. There's one regular who looks like he has a beer belly on him, he certainly doesn't look hungry. Still, once in a while I give them money. Not often. I wonder what they'd do were I to hand them a sandwich? I've thought about it.

As I sat at the light today and watched the homeless man with his little cardboard sign I couldn't help thinking that I work hard for my money, five days a week. He just stands around with a sign and preys on the sympathies of others. Maybe that's not fair of me but I live in a right to work state. Surely they can find a job! Even if it pays the minimum it's got to be better then standing out in the heat all day.

Maybe that is their job. I've heard they pull in quite a bit by the end of the week. And they don't have to pay taxes! LOL


LuAnn said...

One of the cities near here put a ban on standing on the corners with signs. There was a group using it as a way to get into people's houses ("work for food") and then they were robbing them. The ban put a stop to it, but lately I've seen some coming back.
Here in our town, there is one person in particular who has a sign that says "need food." My son works at WalMart and says the guy is in there every week with food stamps loading up on supplies. The man doesn't look the least bit hungry to me.

Ruby (Mouth) said...

Ours is still working on that. Sadly, if you ever watc 20/20, they had a show where one of those 'homeless' men was actually quite wealthy. Said his job was to make people feel better about thierselves. Isn't that horrible?! Even takes his seven year old daughter because it makes him more money. Nerve of some people.

Anyway, hope you have an awesome weekend.


TamiC said...

I have never given money to the people, I say a prayer I say God you know what this person needs in their life and to help them out. That way if they really are scum they don't get shit!

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL...Tamic, good one!

I've heard the same thing Luann. There's a lot of crooked people in the world.

Taking children with them? The cops should toss him in jail. All he's doing is teaching the next generation to beg for their living. Hope you're having a good weekend too, Ruby!