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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Stories

LOL, okay, I've just got to blog about this. I work on Sundays. Don't mind really because it's quiet in the office. We are a large company and have security guards 24/7, stationed in a little office by the back door. Security isn't like it used to be, when a guard or two would sit in a glass office and watch who entered or left the building. Once in a while walk the grounds to make sure everything is okay.

Our security guards do have the little office, but it's wall to wall TVs showing the building and grounds at all different angles since we have cameras all over the place. They don't even have to leave their chairs. Which brings me to the funny part of my story.

As I was leaving today I got a good chuckle when noticing a few guards leaving at the same time. Two of them looked like they were at least sixty-five years old, or older. The were haunched over slightly as they walked. Another one made two of me, and I'm no light weight. I'm not kidding. I bet she weighed three hundred pounds! She could barely walk so I can't imagine her running after anyone. I had to ask myself, what can they do in a real emergency? They don't even carry guns, thank God.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad our company is diverse and sees the value in every one. But they're security guards for goodness sake! I certainly don't feel safe with them.

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