Friday, August 8, 2008

Can You Trust Anyone Anymore?

I just returned from taking my car in for an oil change, which I do faithfully, and to have the battery checked. A couple days ago when I was out to dinner with my dad and sister my car wouldn't start so they had to jump me. I usually take it to the same place every time because I get a free car wash but they don't do batteries so I decided to take it somewhere else that could do both.

So, I get to "this place" early so my wait time won't be so long. I tell them what I want and specifically ask them to check the battery, but don't mention anything about having to be jumped the other day. They tell me 45 minutes so I shop until it's time to go back. When I return I ask them (the mechanics who did the work) about the battery and he says it's good.

"Really?" I say with surprise. "I had to have a jump the other night because it was dead." I ask them to check it again. They have this little device they hook up to it and it prints out a receipt that says...surprise here...battery needs to be replaced.


I asked them to replace the battery and then I ask to see the store manager, because on the first receipt the cashier was given it clearly said battery checked and found to be okay. Now I'm losing faith in their ability to do the job. Did they even change my oil and oil filter? How do I know? I explained my concerns to the manager.

On top of that, had they checked the battery in the first place and notified me like they said they would, all the work could have been done at the same time and I wouldn't have had to wait another half an hour.

The store manager checked into it and came back to tell me that she was told sometimes the device they hook up to the battery worked, sometimes it didn't. Can you believe that? I looked at her, shook my head and said, then don't use it. How many folks are they sending away with bad batteries?

I hate breaking down!

So, she agreed with me, apologised, and didn't charge me for the oil or services. Will I go back? Not for car repairs.


Estella said...

I would never take my car back there either.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...The service aliens apparently thought you had "stupid" written on your forehead. We've said it before...incompetency and not giving a rats ass abounds in the service industry. It's enough to make me strike them down where they stand so obviously if it were me, I'd find a new place to have my car serviced -- unfortunately there is never any guarantee that incompetency won't pop up again.

Car issues are a particular concern for women. The last thing we want to have happen is to have a mechanical problem on a lonely deserted road even inadvertently (being forced to pull off the interstate into no man's land with a car issue). I've had it happen in the past and it's damn scary...even in daylight.

To have some asswipe tell a woman her battery is okay when it's not is beyond the pale. It makes my blood boil...can you tell?

It was flat out BS about the battery checking equipment and I'm glad you called them on it.

It's just a too scary scenario to break down on a road where no help is available with a dead battery...particularly when it could have been avoided with a quick and easy fix.

Not that I ever did, but I have zero patience for people who don't take pride in their work whatever it may be. I'm afraid this lack of pride is epidemic in today's world....Nancy

Dina said...

Wow, I have trust issues when I do some things, your never know if they actually do what is needed.

Karin said...

Taking my car in to get worked on has always been something I worry about. It's no joke that they treat women differently. The only saving grace is that I've had family members work as car mechanics at various times, so have people I know I can trust showing me how to check things for myself.

Debbie Wallace said...

I'm not planning on it Estella. But I will go back because that's also the place I do my grocery shopping at. It's one of those big chain stores that has everything:)

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL, I get smarter with age, Nancy. Plus it's to the point that I don't trust as easy as I used to so I ask questions.

You're right about car probems and women. I think we've always been taken advantage of because we don't have a clue. And we're at their mercy.

My trunk is full of anything you can think of to give my car a temporary repair job to get me to where I need to. Oil, water, jumper cables, a tire device that connects to the lighter and will blow up your tire if it goes flat, etc. Now I hear there's a little battery thing that will jump start your car without needing to get a jump from someone else. I'm definitely looking into that! LOL

Debbie Wallace said...

You're not kidding either, Dina. I'm the same way these days. It's too bad that work scruples have changed so much over the years.

Debbie Wallace said...

Lucky you, Karin. I used to but when you get a divorce, unfortunately you divorce the whole family!