Friday, July 25, 2008

Today was MY day!

For my highly anticipated pedicure and hair cut. I can't tell you how much I look forward to getting my feet done every three weeks. I mean, they're probably the most abused part of my body, or anyone else for that matter. Poor feet. Think about it. They have to carry us around all day, crammed in suffocating socks and shoes, or tortured in heels all for the sake of looking good. I would go bare foot or in flip flops all the time if I could.

I will not be one of those women you see walking around in sandals with cracked heels and thick callouses! I won't!

The woman who works on my feet owns the shop and she does a top notch job. Takes her time and uses all kinds of tools of them to remove rough skin and make them smell nice. Boy, my toes sure look pretty with their new coat of pink polish on them. My toe ring and ankle bracelet complete the picture of well pampered feet. For today at least:)

I can hardly wait for next time!


Dina said...

I've only had my feet done once, good for you!

Debbie Wallace said...

Oh Dina, there's nothing like it, is there? It's the one thing I splurge on for myself every month.