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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I talk too much. My hubby says I'd make a good witness. I've tried, I really have, but I just can't seem to answer a yes or no question with a yes or no answer! I end up telling a story. He says I give too much information and has coached me more than once before I talk to someone on the phone, especially if it's like someone at the bank or insurance company. Then he'll stand there and shake his head with disgust when I don't follow the "script" he's laid out.

I know he's right. I do the same thing at work when I have to e-mail someone. I have to admit I've gotten better though. Before I send it I go over it and delete the "extra" stuff.

I'm a repeater, too:)


Cheryl said...

I gave your blog an award. Come stop by my blog. Cheryl


Pat Cochran said...

Your blog sounds so familiar, where
could I have heard that before? Oh
yes, I heard it from my husband! Do
you think they learned it from the
World Husbands Handbook?

Pat Cochran

Debbie Wallace said...

Thanks for the award, Cheryl! I just checked it out on your blog. I'll get it up on mine this weekend.

Debbie Wallace said...

I wouldn't be surprised, Pat. LOL It's funny how much alike they all are. I wonder if they think the same thing about us:)