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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Place?

Do you have one? Is it a place, a thought you can lose yourself in, a sound that triggers something wonderful? What does it take to send you to your happy place? Is it a taste of something smooth and warm, or a gentle, lingering touch? The smell of something that reaches your soul?

Everyone has a happy place. Probably more than one. Just this afternoon after getting home from work I entered my happy place. If only for a few moments. I turned the TV off and reclined back in my old chair, closed my eyes and I was there. My time. Where no one can invade my thoughts.

I love storms. The sound of rain falling from the sky. The wind howling outside, the sight of the trees swaying. I love the flashes of lightning dividing the sky, frightening while exciting. I love the sound of thunder booming through the house, shaking the windows with its anger.

We had a brief but fierce rain storm and I let myself go to my happy place. Where everything is peaceful and good.

Where just for a moment I let myself get lost in the moment.


Cheri2628 said...

My happy,relaxing place after a stressful day is within the pages of a good book!

braible said...

Hi Deb,
I too, love storms!! And of course!! I love good books. Other than that I like to float in the water just gently moved by the water!! It's awesome!
OOO thanks for the quick trip back to my happy places!!

Debbie Wallace said...

A hot romance Cheri? I can definitely see a happy place inside the pages of a good love story:)

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Becky!

Sounds great but for me it would depend on where I'm floating whether I could relax or not. If it's in a pool, okay. A lake here in Florida or on the ocean? Might be too concerned about those gators and sharks taking a bite out of me:)