Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Excerpt for "WICKED DESIRE"

...Due out in Oct!

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I live here now,” she admitted softly.

Matt felt her slight tremble beneath his hand, which was still on her shoulder. “What do you mean, you live here?” he demanded, his gaze lowering once again to the parted softness of her pretty mouth.

A need to taste those lips shot through him, so overwhelmingly that Matt clenched his teeth to hold down a groan. His body tightened with desire, a feeling that had never truly extinguished since meeting her. Something about Maggie had gotten to him. He’d even gone back to her apartment before leaving Bangor, only to find her gone. Tracking her down had proved futile, since she’d left without leaving a return address. He supposed he could have found her if he’d pursued it.

“You know, as in, I moved here. Just a few days ago as a matter-of-fact. I have family in this area and this cabin belonged to my grandmother. What are you doing here?”

“I was born here. I spent the last five years in Bangor but decided I didn’t like it.” He wasn’t about to go into the details because they would include Janey’s death.

“A good ole country boy at heart, huh?” She smiled up at him, those beautiful eyes sparkling with good humor and mischief. Matt could hear Dammit barking and scratching at the door to get out. He felt Maggie reach behind her for the old porcelain knob.

His hand closed over hers, preventing Maggie from opening the door. He leaned in close, grinning. “You’re not thinking of unleashing that mean little terror on me, are you Red?”
Another couple of inches and he’d be leaning full length against her. And if he did that, God help her.

Her gaze went from his eyes to his mouth and back again. “Why would you think that?” she whispered, catching her breath as he started to lower his face.

“You were running from me,” Matt reminded her. He stopped just inches away from her lush mouth, breathing in deeply, stealing her breath as she released it through trembling lips.

A husky laugh rushed from Maggie. “You’re not wearing a uniform now. You’re probably safe this time.”

Matt wanted to ask, safe from what?

He didn’t realize he’d spoken the words out loud until Maggie replied, “Surely you’re not afraid of little ole me?” she teased, tilting her head back as far as the door would allow so she could meet his eyes. She followed her comment with the outrageous batting of her long eyelashes.

The lady was dangerous and Matt knew he was in trouble. Big trouble. He should take a step away from her but took one closer instead. Was he crazy? Another inch and he’d have that devil may care Maggie Myers sandwiched between the hard door and his hard body. He bet that would wipe the smile off her face. His cock jumped as though to say, what was he waiting for?

An image flashed through his mind, of the two of them making love, here and now, standing up against the door. Out in the open with no one but Mother Nature around to witness the fire works. Matt shook his head to clear it, forcing himself back to the present before he made his dream into a reality.

His gaze focused on the woman in front of him and he growled between his teeth. “I don’t think Summerfield’s going to be big enough for the both of us.” Why couldn’t he be attracted to a normal woman, instead of the impish baggage of trouble in front of him?

His comment, meant to wipe the smile off Maggie’s beautiful face, only made her grin wider and her eyes glitter. “If you’re worried about it, then why are you here?”

Why indeed. Matt supposed if he’d had time to think about it he wouldn’t be there. But he never could back down from a challenge. If she hadn’t run away from him he’d probably still be back at the church, trying to coach a team of youths determined to get into trouble. He’d reacted without thinking. Dangerous for a lawman...


Cheri2628 said...

Nice...verrry nice! ;)

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

I likey very nice. Added to wish/want list. This sounds really good enjoyed the excerpt. Thank you Debbie for sharing with us a great teaser :)


Debbie Wallace said...

Glad you like, Cheri:)

Debbie Wallace said...

Thanks Linda:) They'll be more teasers as time for release gets closer.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

You are welcome Debbie ty. More awesome I look forward to it :)


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