Friday, June 13, 2008

What Nerve!

I called my bank this morning to get the pay off amount of a loan so I could pay it off. Do you know they had the nerve to ask me why? I was momentarily speechless. It's none of their damn business why. I even told the woman, "I've never had anyone ask me why I wanted to pay off a loan before." Then I stuttered, trying not to tell her to MYOB, and said, "Well, I just don't want a monthly payment anymore, I want to pay it off."

Has this ever happened to you? These days I would think banks would be extremely happy when someone wants to give them money. It wasn't chump change.

It sure felt good paying it off. Just one more bill I can delete from my online payment account:) That's two this month!

By the way, can you see the baby in the tree? Look hard, it's amazing!


braible said...

Hey, great on the two bills!! I have had that kind of thing happen. I remember a long time ago, service was really bad. Then for a while it got really good. Now it's my opinion that it's gotten really, really bad again!! With the economy the way it is, I can't see how any business has enough customers to treat them badly but I see it every day. Just burns my butt!

Debbie Wallace said...

Service has been bad for a long time. Not like the olden days when business owners cared about their customers. When you complained or wrote a letter they took care of you to keep your business. Nowadays no one cares.

Nancy Bristow said...

Yes...I see the baby.

Paying off bills is a glorious thing.

Sad but the old ways of doing business are long gone. Today nobody gives a rats a$$. The only way I get any kind of customer service these days is to be an in-your-face bitch and not take no for an answer. I've lived long enough and have enough life experience that an idiotic answer to my question doesn't cut it. Whatever solves my particular problem is what matters...should they desire to keep me as a customer:)

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Nancy, I hate more than anything when they try to pacify me! Just satisfy me and I'll go away:)