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Monday, June 9, 2008

My hubby takes the cake!

LOL...I just had to blog about this. Hubby and I have a deal, I take care of the inside of the house and he takes care of the outside, as well as the cars. So, once a week he washes them. He just came in grumbling and you'll never guess why. My tires are dirty! Can you believe it? Why, how can they be dirty? I mean, you'd think I drive on a dirty, muddy road or something.

I just looked at him like he'd lost his mind. He says to me, "What have you been driving through?" I continue to look at him, wondering what to expect next. Will horns sprout from his forehead? Will he turn green like the Hulk? Am I crazy to wonder why he's asking me why my tires are dirty? Of course his tires are clean because he leaves his car parked and we take mine everywhere because it's smaller and cheaper on gas.

Who washes the tires when they wash their car? Do you? It looks like now I'll have to avoid those puddles of water in the road because according to my beloved I must be speeding through them to cause the amount of dirt flying up on my tires. Then there's the construction going on where I work...man, I feel a headache coming on...


braible said...

ROFL LMAO, I love it!!! They are SUCH guys aren't they? I always get the "How did you get two screws in your tire?" To which I have to respond "I guess they came off the CONSTRUCTION SITE I work on Honey"

LuAnn said...

Maybe you ought to tell him you'll take your car to the "car wash" you posted instead. Then, he won't have to worry about dirt on your tires!

Debbie Wallace said...

Too funny! My hubby once asked me why I was dusting. I just looked at him like, how do you think it gets done? I just twitch my nose?

Debbie Wallace said...

That's a good one, luann! LOL

Martha said...

My Hubby would work well with yours. He washed my car last week. Two days later he is fussing at me "why is the car all dirty, again?" Well...Maybe cause we live off a mile long private dirt drive? And maybe cause we have pine pollen and magnolia's that drop their leaves?
BUT -- he's putting in a swimming pool for me to get exercise! Isn't that sweet? Just gotta love 'em!
Hello again from AuthorIsland-my daily after work stopping place.

Debbie Wallace said...

Too funny Martha! You have a sweet hubby though, putting in a pool for you to get exercise in.

Glad you stopped by:)