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Friday, May 9, 2008

Shopping Day

Most women like shopping but not me. It's the crowds. I like people, I just don't like the enclosed feeling of being around a lot of people at the same time. We have this nice quiet little mall down the street that I enjoy going to when I have to shop. They're only crowded during the holidays.

Today I can't put it off any longer. I need things. Shoes, pants, makeup. I can't go without makeup! So later I plan to make a little trip down to the mall and get it all done. And it will be in record time, too! I'm a no nonsense shopper when I go alone.

Now, when I go with my daughter and granddaughter I can shop all day. LOL I don't go to spend money and I barely notice the crowds because my focus is on something else, them.


Tara W said...

I'm in the minority. I HATE shopping and have anxiety attacks in crowds.

Debbie Wallace said...

Me too, Tara! Last Christmas I did all my shopping on line.

Lil said...

I don't mind shopping but I am not motivated to do it very often...other than for groceries. However, it is nice to hang out with a friend or two while browsing and chatting, taking periodic breaks at a coffeeshop, etc. It is the camaraderie that makes it all fun.

Debbie Wallace said...

You are so right there, Lil. Most of the time my hubby does the grocery shopping. After all, he's the retired one!

photoquest said...

funny you said that i noticed i feel different when i shop alone kinda like things are closing in on me so i'm focused get my things and leave. when i take my girls we piddle paddle around alot. I HATE grocery shopping i always forget stuff and usually i buy things just because i'm hungry.