Monday, May 5, 2008

The Orlando Magazine

Okay, I have to find one! According to Jay Boyer, who used to write for the Orlando Sentinel and now writes for the Orlando Magazine, there's supposed to be a write up about "THE SENATOR'S DAUGHTER" in the May issue. At least, that's what his plan was. If anyone gets their hands on a copy and the article is there, please let me know. I just went to but they only offer so much viewing of the magazine online and I have no idea where the article would appear in the magazine.

Authors, in the January issue of the Orlando Magazine Jay included a small article at the bottom of his book report page asking local authors with a new or recent book release to contact him. You have to send a print copy of your book to: Jay Boyer, Orlando Magazine, 801 N. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 201, Orlando Fl 32803. Also include your phone number and e-mail addy, tell him where you live in Central Florida. He doesn't accept self published work, technical, poetry or strictly academic books.

I worried that he wouldn't accept books published through epublishers but in his January issue he included authors from Medallion Press and Cerridwen Press. So, if you're a Floridian author this is your chance for some free exposure!

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