Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Membership Drive

Want to win 19 eBooks? Hell yeah!
The Romance Room is doing a Spring Membership Drive!
All new members who join between Wednesday, April 16 to Thursday, May 1st will go into a pot and 5 lucky people will win a bundle of eBooks!

Winners will receive the following:
Winner #1: All 19 downloads
Winner #2: Choice of 15 downloads
Winner #3: Choice of 11 downloads
Winner #4: Choice of 8 downloads
Winner #5: Choice of 4 downloads

List of titles donated:
Tricked Truths by Beth Kery
Roan of Ellan Vannin by Gloria Wiederhold
Heart of the Winter Wolf by Dani Harper
Lawless by Emma Wildes
Choice of title by Catherine Stang
The Long Way Home by Jena Galifany
His Secret Desire by Tracey Devlyn
Rose Petals Vol.2 Anthology by Beth Caudill
The Dark Isle OR Lake of Sorrows by Sarah McNeal
Choice of title by Jean Hart Stewart
All the Right Moves & Against the Odds by Debbie Wallace
Choice of title by Linda Mooney
Afraid to Dream by Tianna Xander
Ingenue's Choice by Gracie McKeever
Crystal Clear by Ericka Scott
Going Topless by Renee Knowles
The Black Rose by Skyler Grey
Choice of title by Bonnie Clarke

Now isn't that a wicked deal!
* * *
A little about The Romance Room:
We are a Yahoo! group of both authors and readers who promote books, share excerpts, reviews, chat about life and love and everything in between. Every Monday is quiz day, Friday through Sunday is promo time, and every day during the week we get to read spicy and sweet excerpts from our author's books! Join The Romance Room today, you'll be glad you did!

http://www.groups. group/theromance room *


A said...

Just joined!

Jambrea said...

I just joined as well. :)

Debbie Wallace said...

Good for you ladies...goodluck!

Sarita Leone said...

Tag! You're it!


Martha said...

Hi - I wanted to join but do I have to do a Yahoo ID? I found you over at Authorisland - I was able to join there without going through Yahoo but haven't found a direct link to theromanceroom without going through Yahoo.
Please let me know!
(By the Way - did your "tangled webs" - Sir Walter Scott- have a wrong answer date in March 29?)
I like your blog- lots of interesting things. Just a note - in your romantic settings Q the white answers are hard to read.

LuAnn said...

I joined the other day, too. It would be great if some of us here who have responded to Debbie's blog would win!

Phyllis said...

Good luck! I already belong to it. :(

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL...hi Sarita!

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Martha, as far as I know you have to join through their yahoo group. It's easy!

OMG...for some reason lately I've been stuck back in March! Thanks for the heads up, I'll go change that now.

I'll go check out the romantic settings too, thanks for the feedback:)

Welcome from Author Island! I just joined them.

Debbie Wallace said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed, Luann!

Debbie Wallace said...

Hi Phyllis! How have you been?

Martha said...

Hi Debbie-
Okay- I joined! I couldn't resist! Thanks.

Debbie Wallace said...

Great Martha, good luck!