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Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Interview Posted

Jump over to Cheryl's Book Nook and check it out. If you leave a comment you're entered for a chance to win one of my books. She announces the winner on Monday.



naida said...

hi Debbie, just stopping in to check out your blog...found you thru Cheryls blog.


Debbie Wallace said...

Great, welcome Naida. I checked out your blog, too. You really enjoy reading all kinds of books! I used to love to read when I was younger and had the time. Now my free time is spent writing:)

Caffey said...

It was fun to read the interview! I'm here watching NASCAR racing with my hubby and thinking of you and your racing, smile.

Debbie Wallace said...

Yeah...I was bad, Caffey! Not as fast as NASCAR racing I'll bet:)