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Saturday, April 5, 2008

How do you like your heroes?

Do you like them tough as nails with manly jobs or polished and professional like a Ken doll? Seems like most of the romances I read the heroes are muscular, battle scarred types with jobs like detectives, mercenaries, fire fighters or in some kind of service like a navy seal. I can't recall a time when the hero was a sophisticated doctor or accountant. What's up with that? Could it be the men in our fantasies are the kind who thrill while frighten us, and only have professions where they get down and dirty?

The heroes in my fantasies and the books I write are the tough alpha hero with the muscles and the moves to back it up. Not that a doctor can't be muscular and tough, but let's face it, the prospect of him cutting off his finger while doing surgery just isn't exciting. I want a hero who fights for what he wants and always comes out on top, while at the same time revealing a tenderness for the woman he wants.

He doesn't necessarily have to be handsome, either. Give me a hero whose sex appeal stems from the whole package, not just his face!


orelukjp0 said...
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orelukjp0 said...

Definitely Alpha men. Big, brawny and willing to get their way with the women they want. They can protect and serve their women.
Aloha from Author Island.

Jambrea said...

I like them all!!! I think if a hero is written well he can be Alpha, Beta, Zeda...just kidding. :)

I just have to like the guy while reading about him.

Tara W said...

I prefer alpha men myself. I remember when I first started reading romances about 23+ years ago, the heroes were doctors, lawyers or ran some kind of company. The closest alpha man was "the ruthless business tycoon". Now the choices are unlimited. Give me a strong, slightly wounded, brooding alpha male and i'm happy!

Debbie Wallace said...

Welcome from Author Island! I couldn't agree with you more:) Big, brawny men with attitudes to match.

Debbie Wallace said...

Good point, Jambrea:)

Debbie Wallace said...

OMG Tara, did you bring back memories! I remember that, too. Boy have our heroes changed:)

Cheryl said...

I agree with you all. I like the Alpha males too. Really prefer the military men or cowboys.

Debbie Wallace said...

Hey Cheryl, I'm revising a cowboy romance right now, getting ready to submit. And I'm also halfway through with another book where the hero is a marine:)