Monday, April 28, 2008

Fond Memories

Lately in the mornings on my days off from work I've taken to sitting in my recliner, enjoying my first cup of decaf for the day and just taking in the silence around me. Usually hubby has the news on but I asked him one morning, don't you just like to sit in silence sometimes and enjoy the peacefulness? He turned the TV off and we sat quietly until conversation took over. A conversation that probably wouldn't have happened had the TV still been on. It was nice.

During these peaceful mornings I began to reminisce about the good ole days. I'm only 52 but it occurred to me that I have a lot of unique memories from my childhood. It's funny how certain things stay with you, the good and the bad, all through your life.

Today I thought I'd share a few of my memories with you.

I remember...
using the old water pump in my grandmother's kitchen sink
using the outhouse
collecting rain water for baths
milk delivered in glass milk bottles and grandma skimming off the cream on top
watching Lawrence Welk every Saturday night
my dad wearing Old Spice
the hood ornament on his car
catching fire flies with my cousins on a hill top
my cousins bringing me a May Day basket
rolling down a grassy hill
making mud pies in the old barn with my sister
swinging between two giant maple trees
ice skating on the little pond next to my grandmother's farm
picking berries
the cast iron stove grandma cooked on in the kitchen
the wood burning stove in the dining room
eating fresh veggies from the garden
jumping off a hay loft into a mountain of hay
looking up into the sky at night and actually seeing the stars
family picnics

Thank you for letting me share some of my memories with you:)


ddurance said...

Awww, my daddy, "Papa," as I call him still wears Old Spice on occasion.


Debbie Wallace said...

Old Spice has been around forever, hasn't it?

Caffey said...

Gosh, when I read this, I wanted to think about some things I remember too and they came so quick! Mostly thinking about my Grandma and her and I crocheting afghans and the doctor making house calls and the doctor taking the afghans to his homebound patients who needed them. Its been too long since I did that. It is a great feeling. I must take those peaceful moments and really use them! Thanks Debbie!

Lyn said...

Thanks Debbie, you triggered memories for me that might have stayed buried! I also remember rolling down grassy hills, catching fireflies, catching frogs, my father whistling for us to come home for dinner, I swear he could whistle loud enough he could hear him a block away! :-)

Debbie Wallace said...

Thinking about the past, especially the happy memories I shared with family, leaves me feeling so happy and content inside. Glad I helped you remember some fond memories, too, Caffey.

Debbie Wallace said...

You know, Lyn, we lived in the country and sometimes you could hear your neighbors talking or the kids playing, even though they weren't close. It was funny how sound traveled like that.