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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Know what makes this girl even happier?

High speed AND wireless! LOL I just got set up yesterday and I did it all by myself! LOL Well, okay I didn't lay the cable but I did install the wireless router and for anyone who knows me, they would be so amazed and proud of me. I've come such a long way from the days of moving my mouse pad with the mouse and thinking the CD player was a cup holder.

No more dial up, no more 50 foot telephone cord running through my house from the phone jack in the den to my easy chair in the living room. No more waiting! I'm sitting here in my chair now, my lap top on my lap, and no cords!

Welcome to 2008!


Jambrea said...

Yep...wireless can make a girl VERY happy! We have a router as well so I can use the lap top while my husband is on the computer. It makes us both happy!

Park Avenue Princess said...

You are SO right! I'm one HAPPY GIRL...wireless. But, I have to admit that I didn't set it up myself or else I would not be here chatting with you right now.

No, the lord certainly didn't bless me with any "techie type talents"...I'm a girlie girl that never went geek ... LOL Although I DO love my gadgets : )

But there's no hope. I can type. Probably because I'm a paralegal, other than that, no setting up of the hi tech items in the house for me : )


PS Debbie, thanks for making me smile : ). HI Jambrea..nice to see you again as well : )

Dina said...

I don't have a lap-top, so I'm sitting my the computer all the time, lol. I'd like one, but rather have both, it I could, :)

Anonymous said...



lind B

Anonymous said...



Ruth Woolsey said...

Yes, wireless is wonderful. I'm a grandmother as well and must say that I'm the most computer literate person in my family and that I'm self taught as well. I just love those looks of surprise on the faces of my grown kids when I know things they can't figure out. Why they persist in thinking we older people can't learn new things.......

amylove said...

I also love high speed and wireless connection. Makes life much more easier and smoother. Nice work in setting up your own router. it's not an easy job.. :) But lately, connection here in malaysia is not so stable.. sometimes it's fast, sometimes as slow as a snail.. :)

amy love

Julie said...

I love high speed, not wireless here yet. But I'm working on it. LOL

Jean said...

Would love to be wireless, but have highspeed, which is great.Have done the dial-up. So slow.............

anne said...

Wonderful! What a difference. the 21st century.

alissa said...

Isn't technology great? especially if it is easy to handle. Can get used to being spoiled like this. But I need it too.

Debbie Wallace said...

Jambrea, my hubby doesn't know how to turn the computer on and if I have to tell him one more time how something gets from here to there on the internet I'm going to pull out what's left of his hair! LOL

Hi Amy! I've had to teach myself a lot of things in the last few years and always amaze myself. I'm VERY technically challenged but when I'm determined I get it done. You'd be surprised at what you can do.

Oh Dina, I used to be the same way. But I got so tired of sitting in my den all the time and hubby got lonely at night watching TV so I had to invest in a lap top. Got a good deal. Look for rebates. My Toshiba started out at $800 but I had almost $400 in rebates...very much worth it!

LOL...naughty girl Linda! Doesn't really matter does it? It's all in the jeans!

I'm with you Ruth. Like I said to Amy, we can do it if we set our mind to it. There's times when I surprise my daughter because I'll know something she won't:)

Hi Amy Love, thanks. The salesman kept telling me how easy it was. I wanted to brain him when I got everything out of the box and had to hook up this wire to that and that wire to something else! He obviously thought I was smarter than I looked. But I did it:)

I would have been content with just high speed after 2 years of dial up Julie, but I would have had to run a cord from the den computer to my living room chair where I do my writing. I'd had enough of that with the phone cord!

You're not kidding, Jean. Slow as molassas;)

LOL, So my daughter keeps saying, Anne.

Hey Alissa, it's hard to believe we're so spoiled. It hasn't been that many years since we've had all these fancy, high tech items but darned if I can remember what it was like before them:)

blackroze37 said...

acck im dial up, and mostly run 24 k, on really really lucky days i get up to 28 k,, yea i know suppose to be 56 k

it really blows living back in the boonies LOL

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL, Where is the boonies?