Monday, March 31, 2008


First review in for "IT'S ALL IN THE JEANS"!

Tory Richards can write a hot story! It’s All In The Jeans is a scorcher, with enough of a plot that it goes beyond being only erotic romance. Libby and Logan both show strong attachments to their grandparents, something that makes them both realistic. They make an agreement to come together for purely sexual reasons but both feel their attraction going to another level. Margaret and Vincent, two seniors who show there’s still life beneath white hair, are lovable to the point of distraction. I laughed with them and cried over them, but the tears were pure joy. Tory Richards has written a hot story that shows that love is a good thing, at any age!

Reviewed by: Marlene

If you're interested you can read the whole review at:

More than I could have hoped for my first erotic romance with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!


Jambrea said...


Ashley Ladd said...

I tried to vote in your poll. My vote is for contemporary, although I like many of the others nearly as well. But it wouldn't take my vote, said the page couldn't be found. Maybe the poll is over?

Park Avenue Princess said...

Hi Debbie (waving madly) I am THRILLED for you! How hot is that? I did email you directly! Please get back to me via email about my question, and let me know : )


Debbie Wallace said...

Thanks Jambrea!

Hey Ashley, sorry you had trouble voting. I checked it out and it did the same thing to me so I'll have to check into it. Voting isn't over for 10 days yet:)

Hi Amy! Thanks:) I'll go check out your email next.

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the great review. I just love the cover for It's All in the Jeans

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Thanks Cheryl:)