Monday, March 24, 2008

EROTIC Romance

Today I want to blog about the erotic romance. The reason is because of the posts going back and forth in one of the groups I belong to. Some think it's porn but I'm here to tell you the difference. Erotic is not a bad word...and it most definitely is NOT porn. Of course, it all boils down to ones opinion. This one is mine. I've written one erotic romance, "IT'S ALL IN THE JEANS". A play on words if you will, "IT'S ALL IN THE GENES"...get it?

It took me a long time to cross over into that particular genre. I can't tell you how many times I'd type a certain word, go back later and change it only to switch it back again at a later date. I had a hard time getting over the thought that some words are bedroom words and should stay there. That and the fact it just wasn't ME. I'm a grandmother for goodness sake! But, let's face the reality of it, sex sells.

Eventually I was able to leave the words where they fell. Do I write steamy sex scenes? No, I write about two people falling in love, who make hot and heavy love. I use the actual words in my erotic romance.

Does my book have a story line? You bet! If you've ever seen a porn or read one of those books then you know there is NO storyline, no plot between the main characters leading up to them falling in love. Sex is the main focus of the story. They aren't romances. A romance is between two people.

I write romance.

What won't you find in my books? The female C word or the F word. In my opinion those are the bedroom words that need to remain there.

One author's opinion for what it's worth.


Jambrea said...

I'm with you. Erotic is not a bad word in Romance. I think porn is when a book is only about the sex. Erotica has many different levels and I think that is a good thing because every body likes something different. :)

Dina said...

Very well said.

Anonymous said...

i look forward to reading your book all in the jeans and would like to be entered to win one of your surprises thanks Kellie

Cheryl said...

I am a reviewer and have read several erotic novels. I have been lucky so far that I ones I have read have been really enjoyable and tasteful.

Here's to Erotica being a fun thing to read.

robynl said...

So true, erotica is all about sex and romance whereas porn is just all about the sex.
I prefer the erotica even though I've read very few of them.

Tameka said...

I love the cover to It's All In The Jeans. Good luck to all future books

Ashley Ladd said...

I write erotic romance which is different than erotica. Erotica is only sex and no romance. I'm a grandma, too, but we're still women no matter what our age, motherly or grandmotherly status.

dlynnpen said...

Erotica isn't porn.It is adult romance for women.Many great authors like yourself and others are not given the credit your stories deserve.I am looking forward to All in the Jeans.Erotica authors work hard but aren't given the credit they deserve because Erotica isn't seen as a catagory like western and modern romance.Readers and authors of Erotica should be heard.Keep up the great works and we will keep pushing for your work to become a catagory.

anne said...

I think that your books and writing is suitable and reflects your judgment and style.

Jodi said...

I agree with everyone. Porn has no plot, it's pure sex, nothing else. Erotic romance has a story line and romance to go with the sex.

Anonymous said...

I totally think that there is nothing wrong with erotica being tasteful. I've gotten totally pulled out af a good story because of one word. Keep up the good work writing stories that women want to read.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Obviously, the lines are somewhat subjective,and "acceptable content" has changed drastically, but so has everything else in the world! I think you pegged the difference-- there has to be relationship development between the main characters, no just "sack time". I also think there has to be respect and true concern for the well-being (physical and emotional) and best interests of one another.

And I'm also not really comfortable with the "C" word and "F"word being thrown around, although I have read characters/scenes where they were arguably the correct choice at that point. I think I'd probably prefer them, though, to some of the really hideous euphemisms I've seen! I mean, really--save me from the "pulsing manroot", or "moist grotto" ICK. (yes, I've read them both, in supposedly serious work).

Julia, aka escondita
*who cut her teeth on the original Harlequins*

Anonymous said...

Oops! And I'd really really like my name to go in the hat for your drawing!

Julia, aka escondita
*losing brain cells at an alarming rate*

Ann M. said...

Loved your thoughts on erotic romance. I'm just "dipping" my feet into erotic romance. I've followed a few of my steamier romance writers into their much steamier erotic romance.

I'd love to be entered into your monthly contest, too. :)

Pat Cochran said...

Amen to dina's comment. Thanks for
taking the time for an explanation
of different levels of Romance. It would be nice if authors would
indicate where they fall on the
scale. Not knowing anything about
some authors, I will begin reading
an excerpt to find I'm in the midst
of an unexpected area!

Pat Cochran

char10 said...

I agree with you. There are some very well written erotica romances
available. I don't care for stories about submissives or that have no plot at all,but as you say sex sells. there is something out there for every one.

Phyllis said...

I'm a grandma too! We are still women with dreams, feelings and fantasy's. I like to read erotic stories - they are not porn. Porn is only about the sex. Erotic stories share so much more about the characters and their feelings and actually have a story line. And if they are written in a historical setting that is even better :) (Historical settings are my favorite). I too believe that erotic stories are adult romance for women. And there is nothing wrong with that!

Janet H said...

I want romance. Give me sexual tension, a conflict, and a resolution (HEA).

But, I believe that sometimes explicit works in a scene. It depends on the writer, the story and mostly, the characters.

But, DON'T give me just plain sex without romance and plot.

Just because I read Romance and Erotic Romance does not mean that I want substandard reading material.

alissa said...

Thanks for this interesting blog. I enjoy romance, relationships and great character development.

Debbie Wallace said...

Wow...ladies! Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts about my somewhat sensitive post. It's nice to know others feel the same way.

Make sure you check back Saturday to see if one of you is the lucky winner of my monthly surprise! Good luck to you all:)

blackroze37 said...

i like romance and i like erotic romance
does that make sense, well it does to me, but i havnt a clue to how to explain it

o i found you thru author island

Debbie Wallace said...

Always nice to meet someone from author island! I just joined them.

Park Avenue Princess said...

Hi Debbie,

WOW! I really could make a LONG post out of this one. I have a TON to say...not that my thoughts count all that much. lol Nevertheless, I'll keep it short.

I read SO many different genres. I always loved contemporty romance, erotic romance and erotica. I was really young when I found my first book in this genre and never looked back. I was always drawn in by the covers and the love that was expressed between two people. The story must have a story line for me to go past page fifty. I always give the author the respect of those fifty pages to grab me, drag me in.

I think as a woman, I love to hear about others sweet romance, almost looking in on an adult fairytale life. The one we all wish for. : )

Thank you SO much Debbie for contributing to this wonderful genre. I respect you both as a person (with family and values) and a writer (with skills far beyond many others).

Sorry, I promised this would be short! So, once again, thank you! There will always be a buying audience for this kind of book. (That's just this reader's opinion).

Debbie Wallace said...

Thank you Amy! I value your thoughts and opinion.

I've been hooked on romance since reading "Sweet Savage Love" by Rosemary Rogers when I was a teenager. Then "The Wolf and the Dove" by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She's my all time favorite!