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Monday, March 17, 2008

Epublishing verses Traditional

I've blogged about this before but lately it's come up in some of the groups I belong and it's become a discussion between authors which is the best way to go. It doesn't necessarily come down to the best way to go, but what's right for the individual author. And, how long they're willing to wait to see their book published.

Why electronic publishers? Any author who has submitted to both epublishers and the traditional publishing houses knows the answer to that. But let's look at the pros and cons. And let me remind you that this is just one author's opinion...mine.

Traditional Publishing Houses: You submit a query and synopsis and wait up to four months for a reply. And then it finally comes, and guess what, they want to see your manuscript! You think you're halfway there. So you go over your manuscript a couple more times until it's polished and as good as it can be. You print out the two or three hundred pages, follow their guidelines by binding it together with rubber bands. Slip it into a Manila envelope and head to the post office. After that all you have to do is wait...and wait...and wait some more until a year or more later you finally get their reply in the mail. Not knowing that if you get a letter it almost always means your book was rejected. Most publishing houses will call you if they want your book. Oh, and did I mention that during that long wait you can't submit your book to any others publishers? So plan on using that year to start writing book number two.

Epublishers: You submit a query and synopsis and a month or two later you get a response in your e-mail saying they're interested and would like to see the whole manuscript. You polish it off and send it to them through e-mail. Then a couple months later, sometimes a little longer, you get a reply saying they love your book and would like to offer you a contract. You sit back and release a long sigh. You've made it. Depending on the publisher your book can be out in as little as two months or up to a year. And the best part? No printing or paper is involved, no Manila envelopes and no waiting in post office lines.

No matter which way you go, you do need to plan on promoting your books, so be forewarned. It's a lot of work, time consuming and costly depending on how much you have for the budget. If you think you're going to sit back and reap the rewards without a lot of work, this career isn't for you. In fact, it's a hobby for most authors.

But that's another subject:)


Jambrea said...

Thanks for all the info! I plan on trying to submit something to an e publisher in the near future. :)

Park Avenue Princess said...

This is a really great discussion. I have to let you know that I have one of the new Kindles from Amazon dot com and I love reading on it. It's so easy and wonderful on your eyes. But, I haven't stoppee buying the traditional books that are not on ebook or ones that I want in hardcopy for my library. I love both actually. I'm an avid reader and I absolutely love reading. So, I'll take it anyway that I can get it.

Oh, by the way, I heard about your contest give-a-way over at authorisland.com. How wonderful it was to see your name over there and with a contest! I'm SO excited!

Debbie Wallace said...

Wow...good luck Jambrea! Let me know how it turns out. Can you share a little of what you're writing?

Debbie Wallace said...

Every time I hear from someone at Author Island I get a little excited. I just started with them. Glad to see you here.

I've heard about Kindles but don't know anything about it. Going to have to do some research...which by the way, I hate! LOL

Jambrea said...

I'm really not far enough along on anything to share. I have so many ideas. I need to just stick to one and finish it. :) I'll let you know what, if anything, happens. :)

Park Avenue Princess said...

Oh Debbie, I'm so sorry about giving you "research"...if you have any kindle questions, feel free to ask me! : ) I'll be glad to help you with your homework!

I'm so glad that AuthorIsland helped me find you. Now I have another favorite blog to check out daily! That's why I love them. I do like when I can have my favorite authors on my kindle. It's SO much eaiser than waiting for the ups truck. For I while there before I got one, it was like I was having a torrid affair with the UPS MAN himself...he's kind of cute...but I really was just waiting for my books!! : )

Hope you're having a great day!!


Debbie Wallace said...

Jambrea, that's how I started. I'd get a new idea and desert the one I was working on. Before I knew it I must have had 10 manuscripts started! LOL When I finally finished one it was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL, okay Amy, since YOU offered:) What is Kindles?

Park Avenue Princess said...

LOL! Debbie, Kindle is Amazon's newest ereader. It's exclusive to Amazon and it's amazing! I can be sitting at home, in mt favorite chair and think of a book I want to read. So, I type it into the kindle or go to the Kindle store and if it's available on kindle (or basically as an ebook...just Amazon's ebook) then I hit "buy" and it comes to my kindle in less than ten seconds wirelessly. No computer is needed! Amazing...although, they do back up what you buy on line and you can shop on line at amazon for books as well and send them to your Kindle wirelessly.

I love it! I wish more of my favorite authors published this way too...no mor waiting for books. And with Amazon backing them up, if I accidentally (it would be hard to do) erased a book that I wanted on my Kindle I just go to it on Amazon and transfer it over with the USB cord.

The kindle is like a library in my purse, without an SD Card, it holds up to 200 books, magazines and newspapers. If I add a 2gb SD card for about ten dollars, it will hold up to 4,000! So, the bigger the SD card, the more books it holds!

That's a good enough tutorial for now...lol Let me know if you need anything else! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy holiday!

Debbie Wallace said...

Hi Amy...thanks so much for the info. I wonder if you can download ebooks you already have in your library. I'm taking a cruise in Nov and want to get in a lot of reading!

You have a great Easter weekend, too!

Jambrea said...

Debbie...I don't see why you can't That is how most ereaders work. You might need software to convert the files, but I'm not sure because I don't know much about the Kindles. I have a palm that I use as a reader and I love it because it is small and I can carry it anywhere.

Park Avenue Princess said...

Hi Debbie

I can send you a regular email if I can find it here on your site...um, you can and you can't it's weird sounding I know...I believe the file has to be on your computer and I think in a .pdf format. You can either drag and drop into a folder and transfer it to the kindle via USB.

I could never read on a Palm, it's too small, the kindle is the exact same size as a paperback book and it uses the new kind of ink screen (I'm at a loss for the name right now, but I'll mail you with it.) Also, it's easy on the eyes and you can change the size of the font, bigger or smaller...pretty cool..anyway,it really is a great little device.

Oh and if you want to send something to the Kindle without the USB, all you have to do is mail it to yourself from the computer...wirelessly! Like..DebbieWallace@kindle.com and it will go directly to your kindle. So yes, you can if it's in pdf. and if you want to do it wirelessly, you mail it to the kindle. Hope that helps, I'm no techie...lol But anything that makes my book a little easier rocks in my world!


Jambrea said...

Wow Amy the Kindle sounds really cool. The only reason my husband convinced me to get the Palm was so I could check my email as well as read.

Park Avenue Princess said...


You can check email with the kindle...you can surf the web wirelessly and have use of wikipedia and nownow for free there is no monthly charge for their wireless service : )

Tell your husband you read and write and deserve a NEW gadget ; ) Best to you!


Debbie hope you're having a great weekend!!

Jambrea said...

I wish I would have thought about the Kindle before I bought my Palm. I just got my Palm last week. There is no way he'll go for another new gadget. :)

Park Avenue Princess said...

Oh Jambrea...well congrats on your new Palm : ) I hope you enjoy it though...

: )

Pauline B Jones said...

I read ebooks on Palm (which I love), an ebookwise (love that, too) and a Sony Reader (a gift and love, love it, too. grin). Between them, I probably have about 300 books on tap at any given moment. The Palm is nice, because I usually have my phone with me all the time. The others I have to remember to grab when I'm heading out. Despite all this, I'd love to try the Kindle. I love cool techie stuff. (grin)

Okay, back on topic, as someone who has been traditionally published and is currently small press published, I have to agree with you, Debbie. Each author needs to decide what they want from the experience, but for me, I hate all the waiting. Just read a post by an author on a list who had been waiting nine months and the editor said she hadn't got to it yet!

My last book, The Key, I finished it and turned it in around the end of March last year and it was out by September. I'm only limited by how long it takes ME to write a book.

The other thing I love about small presses, I can write what I want. I wrote six contemp suspense novels, then switched gears into paranormal with a time travel, then wrote an SFR. I can follow my muse where it takes me.

It suits me down to my toenails. :-)

Debbie Wallace said...

Okay! Bigger than a palm and I can e-mail myself something to it. I just might have to invest in a kindle. I didn't know it was as big as a book. One of the reasons I haven't picked up a palm pilot. Eyes aren't that good:)

I'm taking a cruse in Nov and want to download the ebooks in my library and do some serious reading.

Hey Jambrea, can't you return the palm?

Debbie Wallace said...

LOL...I meant cruise:)

Debbie Wallace said...

I couldn't agree more, Pauline! The guidelines for small press aren't as strict as traditional publishers so you don't have to worry about word count, or submitting to the right line. I once submitted the same query and synopsis to Harlequin three times before getting it right.

Park Avenue Princess said...

Oh Debbie, this will be the best thing for you then. On the kindle you can even adjust the size of the font as you read from small to a large print book. It really is amazing. And yes, you email your ebooks to it. I think amazon charges a small conversion fee if you do it without the USB for books that you already have on your computer and I mean like ten cents small : )

I am so jealous. I want to go on a cruise.

Hope you had a great day

Debbie Wallace said...

The cruise isn't until Nov but something to look forward to, it's been a couple years since I've gone.

Where can I buy a kindle?

Have a good weekend!

Park Avenue Princess said...

Hi Debbie! Kindle is only available through Amazon.com. So, head on over and there you go! Let me know if you can't find it. (I'm sure you will) ...

By the way, I saw all the gorgeous pictures from your past trips on your site and now, I'm really jealous. Have a wonderful time when you go. It all looks so peaceful, yet so much fun! Have a blast!

Oh, about the kindle, it was on backorder when I first ordered it and took anywhere from a month to six weeks to get it. I don't know about now..but, maybe you could call Amazon directly? That might be best.


Debbie Wallace said...

I checked it out Amy and saw it was on back order. Something to treat myself to before the cruise so I can get that reading in:)

By the way, the pictures you saw of my trips? When we went to Europe two years ago I took 400 pictures! The girls each took the same amount. Once you cruise you won't want to vacation any other way:)