Monday, February 18, 2008

New Excerpt from "IT'S ALL IN THE JEANS"

Before she knew it his hands smoothed down her back until they came to rest upon the curve of her hips. Her nipples became taught against him, aching with tingling pleasure. They moved against each other as one. Logan’s breath stirred her hair at her temple; her nose was against his neck. She closed her eyes, savoring the moment between them, wishing for more.

“You smell nice.” Libby nuzzled her nose into the warmth of his flesh, just beneath the curve of his ear. Something wild surged through her, prompting her into sinking her teeth into his flesh in a tender love bite. “Don’t taste bad either.”

A shudder racked Logan’s body, followed by a growl. His hands smoothed over Libby’s bottom, bringing her up against him roughly. He put his mouth on the side of her neck.

Shivering uncontrollably, Libby tried to control the racing of her heart, but the moment she came up against Logan’s hard body she was lost. Her senses exploded into a kaleidoscope of tingling sensation when she felt his mouth on her, then his teeth, and finally his lips and tongue as he focused on a spot just beneath her ear. She tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come.

“This feels damn good,” he surprised her by saying in a slightly gruff voice. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to feel anything other than pain.”

Libby pulled back slightly, meeting his eyes. “I’ve seen your scars, Logan; it’s obvious you were hurt very badly. Yet I have a feeling they’re nothing compared to what you’re suffering inside.”

She watched his eyes flare briefly before masking it with reluctant resignation. “Maybe someday I’ll answer the questions simmering in your eyes, but right now I just want to enjoy this moment. Is that too much to ask?”

“You’re running, Logan.”

“I’ve been accused of that before.”

Libby could tell by his tone that he didn’t like her observation. “Sooner or later your past is going to catch up with you, and then what? You can’t continue dodging—”


“It’s not healthy. A therapist might help you. I had to see one once, after witnessing a horrible car accident. I was ten and my parents thought I was traumatized. I probably was but you… Oh!” Without warning Logan took her by the hand, pulling her off the dance floor. “Where are we going?”

“Someplace private,” was his brisk reply. He fairly dragged her toward the exit. Seconds later he pushed the door open and they stepped out into the warm darkness. “Where’s your car?”

They paused briefly just outside the door. Her car? The parking lot had been full when she arrived, forcing her to park at the back beneath a flickering light. Libby’s eyes automatically glanced in that direction and suddenly Logan was pulling her behind him after obviously spotting it too.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a breathless tone, trying to keep up with his long strides.

“Nothing, yet,” he responded, not breaking stride until they reached her car.

Before Libby could catch her breath Logan halted and turned until he was leaning against it. He pulled her sharply into him. Her head snapped back and her mouth opened with surprise. “What…” She couldn’t think of anything else to say at the moment, totally enthralled with the wolfish gleam reflected in his eyes beneath the lamp post.

“Finally speechless?” Logan grinned, the white of his teeth evident in the darkness. “I was beginning to think I was going to have to take drastic measures to shut you up.”

“Shut me up!” Libby laughed in spite of herself. “Is that why you dragged me out here?” She made a halfhearted effort to step back, disappointment shooting through her that it hadn’t been for something else.

Logan jerked her closer. “This is why I dragged you out here,” he growled, lowering his head and slamming his mouth down over hers.

Libby’s mouth opened with surprise, allowing him the opportunity to slip his tongue inside to mingle playfully with hers. Only there was nothing playful about the rush of white hot heat coursing through her veins. The surge was instantaneous, hunger and satisfaction rolled into one giant ball of need. Her body flamed to life, melding against his like honey on a hot bun. She’d been anticipating another kiss, yearning for it, but nothing had prepared her for this!

Libby’s hands curled into the t-shirt covering his chest, uncaring of the sound that indicated the seams were giving. Tiny moans rumbled up her arched throat, getting a heated response from Logan. His arms tightened. He leaned further into her car, shifting his hips and parting his legs. Suddenly Libby was nestled between his thighs, feeling the hunger of his arousal behind his zipper. His strength and size sent another rush of desire through her, causing her to instinctively arch her hips. Damn! He was big and hungry, fueling Libby’s needs to match his own.

She felt a shudder escape Logan and then he was pulling back, his eyes brimming with burning emotion. He sucked in several deep breaths, his hands dropping to her hips. “Why did you stop?” she gasped, wondering if he could feel the racing of her heart against his chest.

He released a short laugh. “Too hot too fast,” he explained hoarsely. “And we might as well be under a spotlight for the entire world to see,” he pointed out.

“As a fireman you should be used to hot by now,” Libby teased, hardly recognizing the seductive quality of her own smoky voice. Suddenly the flickering light above them made a popping sound and they were left in total darkness. They both laughed softly. The timing couldn’t have been better. “Well, something seems to be working in our favor.”

There was dead silence. She moved gently against Logan’s erection, praying he didn’t notice her boldness. Libby recalled how the floozy in the bar hadn’t swayed him with her obvious charms. The last thing she wanted was for him to think she was just as loose. But her fears were soon put to rest when Logan’s hands slid around her waist and over her bottom, cupping her tightly against him.

“Oh!” she cried out, clamping her teeth down on her bottom lip to keep from repeating it.

“What?” The raspy sound of his amused voiced asked in the darkness. “That smart mouth of yours finally run out of things to say?” He breathed the words against Libby’s throat, gradually making his way back to her mouth. “Damn, I want you Libby. Here…and now.”


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Loved the excerpt.

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Great cover and a totally hot excerpt.

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Go Libby Go.


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I can't wait to read the the rest.

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I've read this excerpt three times now, and it can change my mood by the second paragraph. (Oh, favorably, of course!)
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Glad you all enjoyed the excerpt. If you haven't been to my website yet there's a different one on there.

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