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Friday, October 31, 2014

A Typical Day

Wait to be blown away, friends! I've been retired for three years so a lot has changed since I last did this. I'd like to think that someone out there cares but if not at least you have something new to read on my blog. So, what does a typical day look like for this author?

Up between 8-9
Make bed
Make coffee & feed the fish
Watch Kelly and Michael
Eat breakfast
Brush teeth and get a shower
Make dinner early so son-in-law can take some to work
Clean cat box
Get some computer time in 
Eat lunch
Watch grand kids when get home from school
Watch Dr. Phil
Watch Judge Judy
Eat dinner
Spend the rest of my evening on the computer
Bed between 1-2

That's about it in a nutshell. Exciting, huh? I get most of my writing done in the evenings once my daughter comes home. The TV is on in the background but unless it's The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, or something good on Syfy I don't pay attention to it. Lately though my son-in-law has been watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and if I happen to walk through the kitchen and see it's on then I get sucked right in. Next thing I know I'm sitting right next to him on the sofa, eyes glued to the TV. 

Admit're all jealous:)

Monday, October 27, 2014


Whew! Wild Marauders MC is finally done folks, and I have a tentative release date of 1/15/2015. This story turned into a lot more than I anticipated. I didn't really go into it with a word count in mind but it turned into a full length book. It's in my editor hands now. Cover reveal coming soon. It's hot ladies!

Blurb -
When a prospect kidnaps Kat thinking she's a doctor, Kat finds herself under the protection of the club's president. Lynch likes Kat's spunk and full curves but when she steals his Harley to escape he has no choice but to follow club rules and deal out punishment. Tempers erupt between them, passions explode, and punishment becomes the sweetest ecstasy!

Unedited teaser - Kat's POV

“I hope you’re going to be a good little girl until I sort this shit out.”

I stiffened. I was anything but little. Sure, I was short, which made for a fuller figure than I would have liked. At twenty-seven I was used to it now, until someone brought attention to it by making a comment. In the old days I'd run away to cry in a corner somewhere when the skinnier girls, like the stuck-up cheerleaders I'd gone to school with, had called me fat. These days reference to my full figure didn’t bother me. It was the “good little girl,” part that fired me up, and if I was going to be honest, my unwanted attraction to him.

I tossed my long hair over my shoulder. “Then maybe you’d better take me home now and save yourself some grief. I’ve never been a good little girl, and I don’t intend to make things easy for you.” It was a threat and we both knew it. They were only words, empty meaningless words that I knew deep down I couldn’t possibly back up. The only thing I had going for me was my smart mouth, brains, and a nature that wouldn’t let me give in without a fight.

The slightest curve of his sensuous mouth didn’t fool me into thinking he found my comment funny. His gaze zeroed in on my boobs and I felt an immediate and unwelcome response to my nipples. Traitors! If that wasn't bad enough, something warm and wet flowed from my core to my panties. Fuck!

“I’m not afraid of you,” I said, drawing his attention back to my eyes. I was only afraid of what he made me feel. I couldn't understand where it was coming from but I had a feeling he had this affect on every woman.

The corners of his mouth turned up even more. “Don’t piss me off,” he said in a deep, even tone. “Or you’ll find out what I’m capable of, and I promise you, you won’t like it.”

Another threat? “I’m sure you’re very skilled in all kinds of violence against women.”

He remained quiet for a moment, and I felt a moment of unease. “I’m also very skilled in all kinds of different ways to fuck a woman.”

Friday, October 24, 2014

Author Pamela Thibodeaux

In His Sight 

Blurb: Grade school teacher Carson Alexander has a gift—a gift that has driven a wedge between him and his family. Worse, it’s put him at odds with God. Feeling alone and misunderstood, Carson views God’s gift of prophecy as the worst kind of curse…that is until he meets Lorelei Conner, landscape artist extraordinaire, and perhaps the one person who may need Carson and his gift more than anyone ever has.

Lorelei Connor is a mother on the run. Her abusive ex-husband has followed her all over the country trying to steal their daughter. Distrusting of men and needing to keep on the move, she’s surprised by her desire to remain close to Carson Alexander. Through her fear and hesitation, she must learn to rely on God to guide her—not an easy task when He’s prompting her to trust a man.

Can their relationship withstand the tragedy lurking on the horizon?

Excerpt: Carson Alexander walked through his classroom and tugged desks into a semi circle around the dry eraser board. One thing he loved about teaching sixth-grade English at Stars Crossing Middle School was that the classes were so small. With no more than fifteen students at a time he could work closely with each one and give them the attention they needed and deserved. Another thing he appreciated was the lack of standard or strict curriculum. As long as the children passed the exams set forth by the Department of Education, he could teach as he pleased.

So far, his kids excelled, maintaining some of the highest scores in the entire school. Pride filled his soul and caused his heart to swell, chest to puff out.

Pride cometh before the fall.

The Voice echoed in his mind, ricocheted through his soul. He shrugged off the warning, walked to his desk and picked up the name tags for each incoming student. He thumbed through the stack, pondered each one and wondered about the child attached to the name….Jenny & Jerry Smith – twins or un-related? One name struck him hard, sent unnamed emotion curling through his system – Laurel Connor.

He hadn’t heard the name Laurel in years and then, used only as a surname or when referring to the small town in Mississippi from whence he came. He moved to Stars Crossing, Tennessee five years ago for two reasons. One, the teaching position and two, the town though smaller, reminded him of home.

Memories crashed through the floodgates he’d built around his heart…..the huge two-story house and two-hundred acre farm where he grew up. His seven siblings, parents who adored him – their eldest son, and the pain of losing everything he held near and dear to his heart.

Tears threatened. His vision blurred, hands began to shake. Carson swallowed the lump in his throat, put the stack down, and shoved his hands into the front pockets of his slacks. Adrenaline pumped through him, caused his pulse to skitter and jump. Saliva pooled in his mouth. By sheer force he willed his emotions under control. The bell rang and he turned to greet the children who rushed into the room. He watched as one-by-one they filed in and took a seat.

Purchase Links:
Pelican Book Group

Fright Night Blog Hop and Giveaway


Join us for a little Halloween fun in the Fright Night blog hop! Stop by each blog to check out their favorite paranormal or spooky reads and enter their giveaways!


In celebration of Halloween I wanted to share a true story. I come from a small town in Maine named China. My dad lived on a country road that for many years was nothing but dirt. He and my step-mom had a nice home on a small hill, back from the road and secluded by trees and flowering plants. My dad worked for and retired from the railroad in Waterville, and for as long as I knew him he always wore the same thing, a dark blue pair of pants and matching shirt that all the railroad workers wore. Even when he retired he still wore the same clothes every day. Every morning my dad would walk his greyhound, Buster. He loved that dog and when dad passed away Buster went a month later.

Now, on the country road my dad walked Buster the homes were far and few between. My step-sister lived just a little down the way from him, and across the street from her was a small house shared by two women. One day my step-sister and her neighbor across the street happened to go out for their mail at the same time. Mail boxes were at the edge of their driveways. So they got to talking.

The neighbor woman asked my step-sister, “Who’s that man I see walk by here every morning with his dog?”

My step-sister thought for a minute and said, “Gee, I don’t know, my step-father used to walk by here every day with his dog but he passed away. What does he look like?”

The neighbor described him saying, “He wears dark blue clothes and he’s walking a big greyhound.”


The women didn’t know my dad and had never met him, she moved into that house after he passed away. When my step-sister told me the story I got chills. My step-sister and I knew that woman was seeing my dad walking Buster. How? A lot of people don’t believe but I’ve always believed that anything is possible. And knowing that dad and Buster were together and doing what they loved best made me feel good.

I haven’t written any Halloween stories. I do have a couple short erotic paranormals, The Mating Ritual and Scent of a Wolf’s Mate, and a contemporary romance with a brief Halloween party scene in it, Kiss Me! That one is a full length romance that I’m offering to one lucky commenter. Please leave your email addy.

Kiss Me! 

Blurb - Two years after Emma’s divorce she’s looking forward to settling into a quiet life in her new condo at the lake. But thanks to her match making sister she’s running into Stratton’s sexy small town detective at every turn. The last thing Mike’s looking for is a relationship to complicate his busy life, and tells Emma as much. So, if that’s the case, why can’t keep his hands off her? Previously released at Whiskey Creek Press.

Excerpt - Emma caught her breath, recognizing Mike the second she heard the deep timbre of his sexy voice. He made a hunky Zorro, dressed all in black in a costume that fit his tall, powerful body like it was tailored especially for him. She’d seen him watching her while she crossed the room, ignoring him on purpose because she hadn’t wanted to encourage any unwelcome attention. Now that she knew who he was, she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

He was what dreams were made of, the handsome hero disguised in a black mask, his steely eyes doing all his talking for him as he leaned insolently against the table with that wolfish grin. The bad boy every woman secretly yearns for. He had to know how he affected women with his mysterious presence. Goodness, she all but placed her hand over her pounding heart. What was wrong with her? It took effort to remind herself he was married.

She was about to step away when a dancer bumped into her backside, causing her to fly directly into Mike’s arms. “Oh!” she gasped, throwing her head back to meet his eyes just as his strong hands curled around the fleshy part of her arms, catching her against him. Their bodies were flush, and suddenly it seemed like they were sharing every breath, every heart beat as they stared intently into each other’s eyes.

Emma felt warm heat spread throughout her body, a heat that had nothing to do with the hot disco lights glaring overhead. Time seemed to stand still. She couldn’t pull her gaze away from his, too caught up in the spell of the moment and feeling way too much in his strong arms, experiencing way too much sensation against his hard body. She was old enough to realize the flow of heat pooling in the lower half of her body was the result of sharp and instant arousal. She tried to ignore the tingling in her nipples as they tightened against his chest, wetting her lips to issue an apology. However, the only thing that came out was a noise that sounded very much like a purr of surrender, a sound of betrayal if she ever heard one.

“Mike,” she began, in a breathless tone that revealed her emotions. She was unable to finish, her body trembling on a sudden wave of weakness. Certain her knees were going to give way, she struggled to put the brakes on the obvious signs of what being in his arms was doing to her. “Please…” she began, intending to ask him to let her go, but there was no denying the invitation she heard in her own voice.

Mike’s eyes darkened with desire; he didn’t want to let Emma go. He’d known he was attracted to her from the start, but he wasn’t prepared for the instant results she produced every time she touched him in some way. Even innocently, only this was hardly innocent. He felt every inch of her. His hands tightened around her arms, a low groan locking in his throat.

The very air around them seemed electrified. He didn’t want to feel the attraction, yet he was powerless to push her away. Instead, he was acting like an adolescent discovering what sex was all about for the first time. Hell, he was breaking out in a sweat! Her sweet scent and softness was more than any mortal could bear.

Glancing down was his undoing. Her lovely breasts, crushed against him, were all but spilling out of their scant covering. The breath hissed from his lungs, lust shooting a direct path for his aching groin. Releasing a low growl of denial, he felt himself turning hard, and realized he should set her away from him at once. But she felt too damn good right where she was. As if she belonged there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis, weed, grass, hemp, pot, and a thousand other names for it, but I've only heard of the six I've listed. That pretty much tells you I'm not a connoisseur of marijuana. In fact I've never tried it, but I'm hoping to. Not because I want to become a rebel at fifty-nine, but because it's supposed to help you. Not sure how though.

I know people who have used it and they swear by it. People who are in pain every day. Who have cancer. I remember a family member getting cancer at the age of thirteen, she had a 10% survival rate. God, she suffered so much. This was like thirty-five years ago and I can recall the doctors saying they were either going to kill her, or save her because of the amount of drugs they pumped into her.

The pain and suffering, the constant vomiting got to be too much for her so we made her 'special' brownies, which helped tremendously.

So, I'm all for legalizing pot in Florida. I'd give it a shot.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Curvy Girl's Guide to Love Trilogy Tour

Curvy Girl’s Guide to Love Trilogy:
Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl, and Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire, and Curvy's Cad: A Curvy Girl's Mistake?

by Kristabel Reed

Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl

Audrey Mills is in London to organize a charity fashion event, where she meets Duncan Collins, the Earl of Thronhill. Confident in her curves, Audrey doesn't expect Duncan to want more than a holiday fling. But when things begin to heat up, will she panic and run?

Boss Likes Curves: A Curvy Girl's Billionaire

VP of Development, Sabrina McKenna, has worked hard to get where she is with Gideon Hotels. When Gideon Marquez asks her to attend several important business functions, Sabrina agrees. It's only after 2 months of these functions that she realizes they've been dating. And she's fallen hard for her boss. Can Gideon convince her what he feels for her is forever? Or will Sabrina's insecurities make her flee?

Curvy's Cad: A Curvy Girl's Mistake?

Eliza Lyons isn't interested in Craig Grant's attentions beyond the platonic. He's a playboy and boy does she know better. They lunch, they gossip, he tells her things about her current dates she doesn't want to hear and she thinks he'll never outgrow his playboy ways. Then Craig lays down the gauntlet and informs her he intends to show her what a real seduction is.


Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl’s Earl:

“That was cruel, Ms. Mills,” Thornhill stated. His eyes twinkled with amusement, and a slow smile spread over his lips. “You’d curse me to an evening of inane conversation, followed by inappropriate groping?”

“You don’t strike me as a man to shun inappropriate groping,” Audrey added with a smile of her own.

“Well…not from the right woman.” He pushed off the wall, all coiled grace and sex.

Audrey studied him for a long moment. Suddenly their conversation had turned from a game of fun flirting to more. Much more. She came to the astonishing conclusion that this shockingly handsome tall drink of deliciousness was actually into her. She could feel her eyes widen as she looked up at him.

“Come now, Ms. Mills.” Thornhill took a step closer, his gaze steady on hers. “I can’t believe you aren’t pursued every waking moment.”

“I must admit while I’m used to the delivery man or the odd photographer appreciating my curvaceous figure,” Audrey was surprised her voice held steady. “You are my very first…earl.”

“It’s good to be first.” His smile was slow and suggestive, and it took Audrey more than one moment to look away from his lips. What would they feel like against hers? What did he taste like? She licked her own lips at the thought, and then regretted it when his eyes followed the move.

Maybe not regret, not if the rush of heat through her was any indication. No definitely not regret.

“So, what do you say?” Thornhill asked, his voice low, a caress over her bare skin. “Will you rescind your rejection and accompany me to dinner tonight?”

A million things went through Audrey’s mind—everything from Is he joking? to Can I really do this? It would be such a fantasy to enjoy this man, to joke with him, to kiss him. To have him. Audrey had never really fallen headlong into the self-esteem chubby girl trap, but she still knew full well that this type of pairing never happened. Never.

She tore her gaze from his mouth, a small, thin voice telling her that wondering what he tasted like was the last damn thing she should be wondering. “Between two evils, I always pick the one I’ve never tried before.” The Mae West quote raced through her mind, and she heard herself saying, “I suppose it would nice to experience London with a native.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance. Historical ménages in particular-they add an element of danger and discovery to make them all the hotter. Contemporary ménages are a world unto themselves, and her upcoming Havenbrook Ménages Series will tell the tale of a small California town.

She loves reading, watching old movies, and anything Cary Grant. And is always interested in talking about erotic romance. Because...yum!

Join in the conversation! Wickedly Wanton Tales Blog and to join my mailing list. Follow me on Twitter:


Countess Curvy: A Curvy Girl's Earl
Buy Links:


Amazon UK:

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All Romance:

Barnes and Noble:


Kristabel will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card to four randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour.

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here:

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stay with Me by Layna Pimentel



Master Alex is furious when a friend’s submissive invites a naive stranger to his party. With his reputation on the line, he must keep her out of trouble and away from curious Doms. Observing signs of interest from her, he leads her down the path of wicked temptations. However, when his ex-sub pushes her way back into his life, he tries to find a balance between his discreet life and his public one.

Mercedes is fearful of the world she’s stepped into, but the curiosity of what pleasures lie beyond keep her interested in far more than the play. All is going well until a jealous woman convinces her she’s out of her league. Desperate to regain control over her life and heart, she pushes Alex away.

Will these two manage to find their way to each other, or is their relationship doomed from the moment they meet?


Mercedes popped an eye open to see the candle nearly burnt out. I don’t remember lighting this last night. Oh! The weight of a large arm wrapped around her, and the sheet hung off the edge of the bed. Alex! He spent the night.

He groaned into her ear as she adjusted her position. As she did so, there was a knock at her door. Mercedes gently lifted his arm and rolled out bed, grabbing her silk robe from behind the bedroom door and glancing at the time on the digital box, which read eight-o’clock.

Who the hell could be visiting so early? She’d paid the landlord three months in advance, and she hadn’t really met anyone to expect house calls.

From behind the door she called out “Who is it?”

“It’s me, dummy. Poppy and Brian.”

Shit. What now? “Poppy, it’s not really a good time. I was sleeping.”

“Just open the damned door. We won’t take up too much of your time. We just want to make sure you’re okay.”

Mercedes sighed. Reluctantly, she did as she was asked, and they made their way inside. “I’m sorry I don’t have any coffee, guys. I haven’t even been here long enough to go grocery shopping.”

“That’s all right, sugar. We only stopped in to see how you were holding up after last night,” Brian spoke up.

“I’m fine. Really. Though it was a shocker that Poppy would even think to invite me. But, as you can see, I made it home safe and sound, eventually.”

Never mind the fact that she had walked into a sick joke by Alex’s ex-sub—or whatever the heck she was called—Mercedes wouldn’t forget last night any time soon. The moment she had a chance to take up the issue with Poppy, she would. But not until they were alone.

As she sat across from her company in the armchair, Mercedes clenched her butt cheeks and relaxed them. She couldn’t get comfortable with the damned plug in her ass, and squirming or pouting wasn’t going to make it go away any time soon. Shoot! I forgot that was still there. “Is there any reason why this conversation couldn’t have waited ’til a more decent hour? Christ! It’s Saturday, and I had a long night, if you hadn’t noticed.”

Brian smirked and peered around her to look on the dining room table where Alex had left his jacket. “You never told us you had company.”

“Well, that’s because you never asked. Last I checked, I didn’t realize I had to inform you.”

He snorted, patting Poppy on the knee. “You’re a cheeky one. I can see why you and Poppy get along so well. We’ll be on our way.”

“So soon? I thought we might all go out for breakfast,” Alex announced from the bedroom door, wrapped in nothing but the bed sheet.

Mercedes flushed like a child caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Great. Now, everyone knows the kind of things we’ve been doing together.

“Christ, Mercedes. There’s no need to be shy. We’re all adults here. Now, come in here and get dressed so we can go out for some food. After that, I’ll take you to the grocery store.” Alex nodded to his friend. “Brian, how about you and Poppy meet us at Alessandro’s family diner?”

Mercedes was so embarrassed by the chance meeting between her friends and lover that she couldn’t meet his eye. I can’t believe he just did that. He might as well have stood there naked. Mmm…now there’s a thought.

Alex prancing around her apartment in the nude made for perfect entertainment. Who needed art to hang on the walls, when one swift look at his impeccably well-kept form was pleasurable enough? Just how did I get so lucky? If someone would have told her a week ago, that she’d move back to her hometown and find herself in the arms of a handsome, built, and uber sexy gentleman, she would have called them a liar.

She wasn’t exactly the perfect zero, or whatever the preferred size of women was these days. She was a healthy size twelve, with large boobs and a generously curvy butt.

For years, she had struggled with weight loss and trying to keep up with the social norm. But no matter what fitness center she joined, or fad diet she tried, her svelte body always came back. She’d practically given up thinking that anyone would accept her body for what it was. That is, until now.

Ugh. Must think positive thoughts. Alex…naked…

She imagined reaching forward and yanking the sheet from his body. Damn. Today is shaping up to be a good one.


Secret Cravings Publishing:

Amazon (U.S):

Amazon (Canada):
Amazon (U.K):

All Romance eBooks:


Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Layna discovered her love of reading at an early age. When she isn’t devouring salacious romance novels or writing, she enjoys losing herself in researching ancient history and mythology, weaponry, and hiking. She lives in Northern Ontario, with her husband and two daughters.

Layna is a member of the Romance Writers of America, creator of the Romance Author at Large blog, and is a monthly contributor at 69 Shades of Smut. For updates on her upcoming releases, or to leave her a comment, you can find at:


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

HOT Excerpt Instant Attraction

warning...explicit language

His meaning was very clear. “Then I guess it’s a good thing I have you and your, ah, big gun around to protect me.”

He nodded his understanding, and started to walk towards her. The gun was still in his hand, hanging at his side. He laid it on top of the fireplace mantle, never taking his gaze off Julie. She stood her ground, barely breathing, highly turned on. She let her eyes caress his defined biceps and hard abs, then farther down, to where his zipper would be if he had one.

Oh, my God! His cock is as hard as a rock! Is this for me or does he have company at his place?

He stopped close to her. “That was a nice little show you put on earlier tonight.”

Julie swallowed with difficulty. She hadn’t thought he would actually bring it up. “I’m glad you liked it.”

“Do you usually welcome newcomers to the area like that?” He took another step closer.

Julie shook her head. “Only the special ones.” She smiled.

“I guess I’m lucky then.” His last step took him as close as he could get without touching her. “Am I crazy here?”

His tone was barely above a whisper, his accent a little more pronounced. Julie began to shake her head, not understanding his question. His hot gaze was holding hers captive. She found it hard to breathe with him so close. The tingling ache in her breasts moved down to her charged pussy.

“I’m not sure what you’re asking,” she whispered in response. It wouldn’t take much to close the distance between them. Then she’d have his hard cock against her. Geez, just thinking about that caused a rush of wetness to soak her inadequate thong. And he smelt so nice. Warm and spicy, and something else she couldn’t put a name to…manly.

“Am I crazy to think that you’re as attracted to me as I am to you?”

She wasn’t going to deny it, act stupid or make him have to drag it out of her like she was some virgin. “Oh, God, you feel it too? I thought it was just me.” That was all she had time to say.

Thomas moved and she unexpectedly found herself up against the wall, crushed by his aroused body. They hit the wall so hard the pictures around them rattled. His mouth was just inches from hers. “I’ll take that as a yes.” His lips covered hers without hesitation.

Available at Totally Bound

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A person complained about my choice to do an interracial version of Bishop's Angel, saying "I didn't know I needed a blackfaced version of a book previously written", I clearly add a disclaimer so that the readers who purchased Bishop's Angel won't buy SEAL of Approval. Also, I don't just add a new cover and title but go in and make the necessary changes to my character.

I tried this with Up in Flames (interracial version Touch Me) and it hit the ground running. Since so few books were actually returned I have to think there is a market for this, and I plan to do it to other books in the future. I might be on to something and I bet we will see other authors doing this in the future as well. In business the goal is to try and make everyone happy by offering a product for everyone.

So in response to their comment, "I didn't know I needed a blackfaced version of a book previously written", YOU didn't, but the sales show that clearly there were other readers who did:)

I apologize in advance to anyone I might have offended by doing this.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chapter 1 of Someone to Love Me

This 240 page contemporary erotic romance is available for pre-order here!

Chapter 1

A high-pitched scream cut through the silence surrounding Luke Remington. He halted and brought his binoculars up, even while knowing the sound was a bird of prey. Nothing looked out of place against the frozen backdrop of snow and ice and the towering pines that dotted the Alaskan mountainside. No movement to indicate life, the human kind anyway.

He dismissed the beauty of the majestic eagle soaring overhead and sucked in air cold enough to burn his lungs. His gut, and the fresh shoe prints in the snow, told him he was getting close to the survivor of the plane crash. He knew the direction the pilot had taken would lead straight to a river.

And a dead end. 

He hoped the pilot wasn’t stupid enough to try and cross the river to the other side. It would be suicide. Even if some of the water was frozen, the ice would never hold up beneath the weight of a person, even a small one. A sense of urgency came over him. If the person was foolish enough to leave the crash site, then they just might be crazy enough to try and cross over a frozen river.

The darkening sky revealed the signs of an approaching snowstorm. That was nothing new for this time of year. Lately it snowed every day, sometimes twenty-four hours a day for days on end. There were days when he couldn’t leave his cabin. Those were the only occasions he regretted the isolation of his mountain home. When he couldn’t come and go as he pleased. So why was he going out of his way to rescue someone who was probably going to end up invading his privacy for the next couple of months?

Luke knew the answer to that because it was the right thing to do. He might be a loner, but he was still human. He’d seen the small Cessna go down, and couldn’t ignore the fact that there might be survivors. Only he hadn’t counted on that person being stupid enough to leave the crash site.

He took a deep breath, exhaling a cloud of white air. It was a good thing he’d thought to bring his backpack with him because he knew the extra warm clothes would most likely come in handy. He began to follow the small footprints left behind in the snow, again.

His instinct told him the pilot was a woman.

* * * *

Charlie Wayne came to an abrupt halt and stared in disbelief at the raging river in front of her. Of all the rotten luck! She glanced both ways. A sick feeling settled in her empty stomach. She couldn’t see any way around it. At least nothing that didn’t involve getting wet.

Why isn’t the blasted thing frozen over like everything else in this godforsaken wilderness? She glanced down at her feet and frowned at the inadequate sneakers that were fast becoming caked in ice. She could barely feel her toes. Shivering violently, she strained to see to the bottom of the dark, churning water in an effort to determine if it was shallow enough to cross. One thing was certain, it was far too wide for her to try and jump over. Even with a running start.

The thought of getting wet appealed to her about as much as returning to the wreckage of her plane. Which Charlie knew she should never have left. She knew what the rules of survival were.

And she had broken the most important one. Only staying could have meant her death, too. She’d been way off course. She hadn’t had time to radio in a mayday call with her location. And the thought that no one knew where to begin looking for her had convinced her to leave the wreckage and take her chances.

The sky was turning a dismal gray. She knew from years of living in the north that it was going to snow and the temperatures were going to drop. The last thing she wanted was to become a frozen Popsicle for some carnivore to munch on when spring arrived. It was bad enough that disappearing would probably give her agent a heart attack. Charlie couldn’t help wondering if she was going to make her next singing engagement. Now that her comeback tour was well under way, Charlene Benton was becoming a household name again.

Charlie pulled herself back to her immediate problem. It was already late afternoon and she’d have to find some kind of shelter before dark. The thought crossed her mind that if she turned around and headed back to the plane she’d be safe for another night. And in the morning she could try a different direction.

She searched the sky again for any signs of smoke that would reveal the possibility of a cabin nearby. She knew she was in a remote area, which the empty skyline emphasized with stark clarity. With a heavy sigh she turned to start walking again, and came face to face with a large, white dog.

Correction, wolf!

Her heart fell as fast as the blood freezing in her veins. She halted so swiftly that she lost her balance. One foot slipped down the muddy embankment into the icy water, but Charlie hardly acknowledged the freezing temperature. For a timeless moment she and the wolf squared off like two adversaries sizing each other up before a fight.

A feeling of doom settled in the pit of her stomach when she realized that if the wolf charged she’d have no alternative but to jump into the icy river, facing one death to escape another. Freezing or drowning would be a welcome alternative to being torn apart and eaten by a wolf. A chill ran down the length of her spine that had nothing to do with the frigid weather, as their gazes remained locked.

What is it waiting for?

As if reading her mind, the large beast crooked its head to look at something in the opposite direction. Was there a pack lurking somewhere beyond the trees? Fear galvanized Charlie into action. She turned to run, knowing that if the wolf decided to come after her it would be over in a matter of seconds. There was no way, as numb with cold and as exhausted as she was that she could outrun a predator.

Especially a hungry one.

In her haste to get away she fell several times. She cursed with frustration. The snow, knee deep in places, slowed her down. But Charlie was determined not to let it keep her from putting as much distance between her and the wolf as fast as possible as her survival instincts kicked in. She could hear movement behind her but wasn’t certain if it was the animal or the blood pounding in her ears.


Charlie heard the command but didn’t believe it. It had to be the wind playing tricks on her. She pushed herself harder, but all at once the wolf was upon her. A heavy force hit the back of her body with a strength that knocked her to the ground. She screamed, expecting to feel her flesh savaged by canine teeth at any second.

Something snagged the hood to her parka pulling it away from her head. Charlie was sure the animal was going for her jugular. She screamed again, not realizing her face was in the snow until it rapidly filled her open mouth. She turned her head, and cried out desperately. “No!” Maybe the sound of her voice would frighten the animal away. “Get away from me!” she screamed, hearing the sound echo throughout the surrounding mountains.

The sheer weight and size of the animal was crushing, holding Charlie nearly immovable. She was helpless against its strength. Suddenly and without warning she was flipped onto her back. Her hands were pinned to the cold ground above her head. And she realized it was a man and not the wolf pinning her down. For a moment she could only lie there in stunned silence and gasp for air.

Charlie relaxed beneath him when she realized he wasn’t a threat to her. Where had he come from, and where was the wolf? She tried to move her head to see, but the hair he’d released when snagging her hood was wrapped around his gloved fingers preventing her from moving. He was slightly winded, looking her over with mild interest as he held her against the frozen ground.

“Why didn’t you stop when I called out?” he said above her, his voice laced with more annoyance than concern. His hands shifted slightly, allowing her to move her head.

“The wolf,” she whispered. She held herself stiffly beneath him. Her gaze darted everywhere around them. The wolf, where had it gone?

“The wolf,” he said and Charlie’s gaze was drawn back to the man. He was looking down at her, not an inkling of concern in his tone. “Won’t hurt you.” He got to his feet, bringing her with him.

“Who are you?” Charlie brushed at the loose snow covering her clothes. Then pulled the hood up and tucked in her hair. She watched his gaze fall to the socks covering her hands. The faintest hint of a grin spread across his chiseled mouth but disappeared in the time it took to blink.

“Luke.” His tone was flat.

Movement out of the corner of her eye caused Charlie to look at the wolf again.

“Lady won’t hurt you,” he repeated, obviously noticing her unease. “Look, we’re losing valuable daylight. We need to go.”

The impatience and hardness of his clipped words caused Charlie’s head to whip back in his direction. Go? Just like that he expected her to go with him? Okay, she really had no choice, but he could at least be sensitive to her situation.

As their gazes locked it was unclear what was going on behind those watchful eyes of his. They narrowed on her slightly. She began to wonder about him, wondered if he was dangerous. Her gaze ran over his tall form, made massive by the heavy insulated snow jacket he was wearing. She couldn’t tell what color his hair was because all that was visible was his rugged face. Most of that was covered with a neatly trimmed black beard. Eyes the color of dark chocolate stared at her set in a face that could be handsome if he softened it with a smile.

“I won’t hurt you, either.”

Did she look worried? Charlie forced a smile, when what she really wanted to do was spin around and run the other way. She was completely alone with him and at his mercy, lost somewhere in the wilds of Alaska. She had no choice but to trust him, or die.

“I’m sorry if I gave you the impression you frighten me. I’m very thankful that you came along. I didn’t know what I was going to do come nightfall. How did you find me?”

“I saw your plane go down. When I came across the crash site I realized someone had survived. Your tracks were easy to follow in the snow.” His gaze raked over her with amazement. “I’m surprised you survived without so much as a scratch.”

“I was lucky,” Charlie admitted. She shuddered a little as she recalled her frightened, helpless feeling when the plane’s engines had stalled, forcing her to crash. Practices during flight school hadn’t compared to the real thing.

“Very lucky,” he agreed. “Why didn’t you remain at the crash site? Search and rescue would have eventually found you.”

“I know that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I couldn’t count on anyone finding me.” Charlie brushed a loose strand of hair out of her eyes. “I was way off course.” She’d flown back and forth to Skagway enough over the years to know that. “None of my gauges were reading correctly, and before I was able to get off a distress signal they went completely dead.”

He acknowledged that he was listening to her with a brief nod of his head. Then cast another brief glance at the sky. “We need to get going.” He turned and began walking.

“Going where?” Charlie had to practically run to keep up with his long, brisk strides. “Is there a ranger’s station close by?”

“I’m not a ranger.” He continued to walk without sparing her a glance.

Charlie didn’t know if she liked the sound of that or not. She struggled to keep up. “Are you taking me to a ranger’s station, then?”


It was clear he didn’t want to talk but Charlie didn’t let his sharp, one-word answers discourage her. “Do you have some kind of transportation near here?” Her tone was hopeful.


She clenched her teeth. He certainly wasn’t very informative. She was beginning to get annoyed. She fell to her knees and quickly got up again when he didn’t even notice. She was panting by the time she caught up to him again and more than a little frustrated. In spite of the fact he’d come looking for her, she got the impression he’d leave her if she didn’t keep up.

“Look, can you please slow down? I can’t keep up.” She wasn’t going to whine, but they’d been walking for hours already. “Where are we going?” In her opinion, nowhere fast. When he didn’t say a word she grabbed him by the arm to get his attention. “Luke…”

He swung around and glared down at her.

She caught her breath.

“I’d forgotten how talkative and troublesome females were.”

His expression said he wasn’t joking. Charlie’s mouth dropped, she couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. “Excuse me?”

“Look, I’ve been living alone in these mountains for three years and have gotten used to not talking to anyone. To not being touched.” His glance took in her sock-covered hand on his arm, before traveling back to her eyes. “Now I’m going to be punished for being nosey, and checking out a damn plane crash.”

Charlie could only stare at him in stunned silence. She didn’t know what to say. If he feels that way why did he even bother?

“Look, lady—”

“My name is Charlie.” She stood her ground in spite of his firm tone. And she would not cry.

Luke released a heavy sigh. “I’m not interested in knowing your name or anything else about you. I’m taking you to my cabin, which happens to be about two miles in that direction.” He indicated the direction with a careless sweep of his arm.

Charlie’s gaze followed the same route. She frowned. “All I see is snow and snow-covered trees. No roads of any kind, no paths, nothing to indicate we’re heading anywhere near civilization, much less a cabin. Where is this cabin, in a cave?”

The next thing she knew he was glaring down at her. His mouth thinned. “What?”

“Are you going to chatter all the way? Because I’m warning you right now, if you sap your strength I’m not carrying you. And before you ask, I don’t have a phone.”

How did he know she was about to ask him that? Charlie gave him a scowl. “Now why doesn’t that surprise me?” She did her best to keep her tone light, feigning a smile. “What about a pigeon?”

“Look, we can talk later.” He sounded aggravated, his tone sharper than the cutting edge of a hunting knife.

“Fine,” Charlie snapped, tight-lipped.

He pulled his arm away and bent to a backpack he’d obviously dropped in his pursuit of her. She hadn’t noticed it until now. She wondered what they were going to do after it got dark if they didn’t reach his home. The backpack was the size of a small car but she doubted it contained a blow up house with a fireplace in it.

She was frozen to the bone. Thinking about a roaring fire and a cup of hot cocoa wasn’t helping. On top of that, snow had gotten down her back when her hood had been pulled off during their struggle. Her goose bumps had goose bumps. She ripped off the frozen socks on her hands, and pulled the sleeves of her parka down over them. She watched in curious silence as Luke pulled out a stack of clothes and something that resembled a rain poncho in an ugly shade of green. It reminded her of something she’d seen her brother wearing once in a picture of him taken when he was in boot camp.

“Two miles can seem like ten in these mountains. It’s going to start snowing harder and the clothes you have on aren’t adequate. In these frigid temperatures it won’t take long for frostbite and hypothermia to set in.”

Charlie’s eyebrows arched high with astonishment. Her mouth fell open when it dawned on her what he was getting at. “Surely you don’t expect me to change my clothes out here, like this!” Her arm made a sweep of the openness of the surrounding area. “Two miles or ten miles doesn’t make any difference to me. I’m in good shape,” she insisted, which had absolutely nothing to do with the fact he wanted her to change clothes.

His eyes narrowed, his gaze ran over the length of her almost as if he was trying to see through her clothes. “Are you cold now?”

Charlie nodded reluctantly, but only because she had a feeling he already knew the answer.

“How cold?” he asked.

She was numb she was so cold. “A little,” she lied, unable to meet his eyes. He didn’t know her. Maybe he wouldn’t recognize the signs that gave her away.

“You’re lying,” he said without a second thought, dashing her hopes. “We don’t have time to argue over this. Put these clothes on and the rain poncho, which will keep you from getting damp again as the snow continues to fall.”

Her eyes clung to his stony gaze. She was looking for understanding, but only found steadfast determination. She knew it wouldn’t be to her advantage to fight him on this. He looked about as solid as one of the pines towering over them and just as unbending.

“What about you?” She was hedging and they both knew it.

“My jacket repels water and I’m used to these temperatures.”

Charlie realized he wasn’t going to give an inch. She reached up and unzipped her lightweight parka and slipped it off before shaking her hair around her for the little bit of warmth it would offer. Luke just watched until he finally noticed her fingers were so numb she couldn’t undo the buttons to the flannel shirt she was wearing. He pulled his gloves off with his teeth, shoved them in a pocket then brushed her hands aside with an impatient growl.

Charlie caught her breath and accepted his help with reluctance. Her eyes looked everywhere but at him. She welcomed the rush of heat filling her frozen cheeks. His warm fingers worked deftly at the buttons, and when he was done he pulled her shirt open. She thought his hard mouth curved into a slight grin, but it was so fleeting she must have imagined it. She had a second flannel shirt on just like the first. Luke quickly got rid of that one, too. He stepped back when he came to the sweatsuit. Was he wondering if he’d reached the last layer? Wordlessly, Charlie reached for the hem, and pulled the top over her head. Then, just as quickly kicked off her sneakers and wiggled out of the bottoms. His brows shot up, but he remained silent.

“This is the last layer,” she said, making no effort to remove her cashmere sweater and ski pants. She shrank back with a cry when he reached forward to touch her. However, all he did was test the dampness of her clothes.

“You can leave these on. Just slip the clothes I brought over them. But take off those socks and replace them with these.” As he spoke he rummaged through his bag until he found what he was looking for, a pair of thick, wool socks.

Charlie did as she was told. She sighed with gratitude from the warmth that came with putting on new layers of warm, dry clothes, even if they were miles too big on her. Luke helped her with her socks and sneakers.

He glanced up at her from his position at her feet. “How does that feel?”


Before straightening he stuffed the clothes she’d removed into his bag. “Good, let’s get going.” He slipped the rain poncho over her shoulders.

The sky darkened at an alarming rate. The snow began to fall harder. For a moment Charlie watched powdery flakes land upon Luke’s beard, before carefully tucking her hair beneath the hood of the poncho.

His eyes met hers briefly as his fingertips brushed against her cold cheeks. For a second his movements faltered, his dark eyes frozen on hers, and then he turned away.

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Available now!


The interracial version of Bishop's Angel is now available at Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks. If you've read Bishop's Angel it's the same story, the only changes made to the story were in regard to the heroine.

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Available for Pre-order!


The Alaskan wilderness is the backdrop for this story about two strangers who find themselves stranded in a cabin for the winter. Both are tortured souls struggling to go on in life, only to discover survival can be found in each other's arms. 

Previously published with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.

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Books that need more attention giveaway hop!

Link to participating authors!
This hop is to bring attention to the books we love but need more attention.

I have one! It's Happy Birthday Baby! It's a short erotic story about a woman celebrating her 50th birthday with her two best friends in their favorite bar, not knowing they've arranged a special dance from the sexiest male stripper at the club. She goes home with him and they celebrate her birthday all night long. I happen to think it's a really cute story, very hot, and totally believable! The problem? The title!

Google it and see what I mean. It gets totally lost among the birthday songs, and birthday party images. Look what happens when you search for it on Amazon. The one and only, slightly negative review leaves out a few things like that Joe is 44, which I never thought as middle-aged, and the other woman was his sister. I tried to add a little depth to the short story, and not make it all about a night of sex. Also, Joe and Lana had been eyeing each other for months and he used her birthday to his advantage to meet her. He didn't make a habit of picking up women, and what's wrong with a 44-year old stripper? Anyone seen Magic
Mike? Matthew McConaughey is 44 and Joe (handsome stud) Manganiello is close behind him. I could look at them strip all damn day!

In all honestly I can't wait for my contract to be up with the publisher, who I love, so I can change the title. I have to wonder why it didn't occur to someone there what kind of problems an adult story with happy birthday baby in the title would be. Unless like me, no one thought about it. Live and learn. Below is a blurb and first chapter of this hot little story.

Blurb - What better way to spend your fiftieth birthday than with the hot male stripper you’ve been coveting for months! Proving you can have fun at any age, Happy Birthday Baby! from author Tory Richards is a celebration of life you won’t soon forget.

Chapter 1

I was twenty minutes into my fiftieth birthday, sitting at a table in a bar that I couldn’t recall the name of even though I’d been coming here for four months. My girlfriends were making fools of themselves as I sat quietly sipping a warm beer. This wasn’t my scene, and never had been, but Sandy and Helen pressured me into coming with them every Saturday night because of my lack of social life. Longtime friends, I knew they meant well. So as soon as we walked through the door I made a beeline for my usual table in a dark corner, and planted myself until they were ready to go home.
Tonight, Sunday, they thought they were doing me a big favor by dragging me here to celebrate what some would call a milestone. Big deal, I was fifty now. I didn’t feel any older, and thanks to my friends and the total makeover they’d treated me to earlier today, I certainly didn’t look any older. In fact, I could easily pass for forty.
Lord, what can I do to get out of here? I’m not interested in watching men young enough to be my sons take off their clothes and flaunt their barely packaged goods in my face. I’m uncomfortable as hell, and more than once I felt the heat of embarrassment burn its way up my neck and into my cheeks. I wished my friends would remember that I’m still here and look my way at least long enough to realize I’m not enjoying myself.
I picked up my beer and pretended to sip at it, glancing at the clock on the wall behind the bar. Fortunately, I have the next two weeks off, but I knew they had to work the next day. Being that it’s almost twelve thirty, we were already in the next day. The thought crossed my mind to remind them of that, but I knew this was nothing new for them. Too many times Helen had shown up for work with a blinding hangover, while Sandy would just call in and leave the office short of help.
Feeling the call of nature, I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but look at the new me in the entranceway mirror, and have to admit I was rocking it. My once mousy brown hair had blonde highlights in it now, and the new cut left it falling to my shoulders alive with body and bounce. My makeup had been toned down to what I usually wore, giving me a younger, natural appearance. Most of it focused on my brown eyes, giving me an exotic, sultry look. I supposed that was my Hawaiian blood, thanks to my mother’s side of the family. A full native Hawaiian, she and my Caucasian father met while he was stationed in Oahu.
I took care of business, and washed my hands, noticed a button had come undone, and reached up to take care of it. Damn it! I frowned when I found the button was missing. The georgette blouse, cut low enough to show an amount of cleavage that I hadn’t shown off since my thirties, revealed even more flesh now. I wasn’t a prude; I didn’t mind showing off my assets, only I liked to do it in a more subtle way. This clingy blouse didn’t leave anything to the imagination. Neither did the short skirt I was wearing.
I sighed, deciding the missing button and my aching feet would be a good excuse to leave. We’d been at it for hours anyway. When I reentered the main room I wasn’t surprised to see that a lot more people had arrived. Most of the tables were occupied, as well as the stools at the bar. The noise coming from multiple conversations coupled with the loud music made hearing anything significant almost impossible.
Surprisingly, I heard my name and I glanced in the direction it came from.
“Come here!”
It was Sandy, waving me over to where she and Helen were standing at the front of the stage. They had a ringside view of the dancers. The one gyrating directly above them was only wearing a thong, and had money sticking out of it from all directions. He was the same dancer I’d been secretly admiring since the beginning. Reluctantly, I made my way to them, forced to do a little gyration of my own between tables, chairs, and people.
“I think I’m leaving,” I said before they had a chance to say anything.
“You can’t go!” Helen protested loudly.
“Is this the birthday girl?” asked Joe, the sexy dancer on stage. His name was the only thing I knew about him. I guessed him to be around thirty, and in remarkable shape. The little thong he had on was covering an impressive cock, unless the bulge was all money. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from smiling.
“Yes, she is!” Sandy all but screamed up at him.
“A special birthday,” Helen added, grabbing my arm and pulling me closer to the stage. “The big five-o!”
Before I could respond to that, I found my upper arms grabbed and Joe lifted me onto the stage as if I were a child. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head as I looked at him, and back at my friends, wondering what else they’d done. Their huge grins warned me that I had another birthday gift coming, and my churning stomach told me I wasn’t going to like it.
“Let go of yourself for once!” Helen yelled. “Have a good time!”
“You only live once!” screamed Sandy with an enthusiastic grin on her face.
I gulped and looked at Joe, his handsome face split with a grin from ear to ear, and the next thing I knew he was lowering me backward onto a chair. Where had that come from? I hadn’t noticed it being there before. Then he began dancing, and it was clear I was going to get my first lap dance. All of a sudden it was just him and me as he twisted and gyrated sensuously before me.
At the side of us beyond the stage, I could hear my friends laughing and urging Joe on, tossing dollar bills at him with encouragement to do more. Before long everyone in the bar got involved, clapping, stomping, screaming encouragement, and I swear the music became louder. I couldn’t even distinguish Helen and Sandy’s voices anymore. Once I accepted the fact this was happening, I tried to relax and show some enthusiasm. I know my smile wasn’t exactly sincere.
“My name’s Joe,” he said, staring down at me and moving fluidly to the music.
“This isn’t my thing, Joe,” I said, barely able to look him in the eye. So instead, I focused my gaze on his six-pack, which looked hard and glistening. Had he oiled down or was it sweat?
“I know.” He surprised me by responding in a kind tone. I glanced up at him sharply. “I can always tell when a woman isn’t into this. I’ve been dancing for a long time.”
I didn’t say I wasn’t into him. The truth of it was, if we’d been alone and met under different circumstances things could have been different. I just wasn’t into public displays, especially by someone paid to show me attention. Without warning, he parted his muscular thighs and moved his lower body until he was standing over my lap. He was so close I could smell him, a pleasant manly scent of spice and musk. I felt my cheeks burn when he thrust his thong-covered cock close to my face.
I gasped. “Is this even legal?” I was beginning to feel nervous and self-conscious of our intimate position in front of a room full of strangers. It became worse when he lowered himself onto my lap.
“Relax. I’m not going to fuck you. I’m just going to make you a little less tense.” As he spoke I felt his fingers and then palms slowly move beneath my skirt against my outer thighs. “Don’t you want to feel good, Lana?”
I couldn’t believe the rich sound of his low voice was making my body respond. The way he spoke my name, like a soft caress, heightened my awareness of our position. The noise surrounding us faded into the background. I was conscious of his hands slowly pushing my skirt farther up my thighs until he couldn’t go any higher. He lifted his hips slightly, pushing the rest of my skirt out of the way. Then I felt his naked butt cheeks against my thighs.
“What—what are you doing?” My heart began to pound erratically.
“I’m making you feel good.” All of a sudden, we were as close as we could get, and I had nowhere to look but into his laughing blue eyes.
It was that moment when I realized Joe was older than I first thought, closer to forty. His thick blond hair made me think of a trimmed lion’s mane, falling imperfectly around his strong-boned face. I was intensely aware of the heat and strength of his large hands, where they were still resting against my upper thighs while he gyrated. Every once in a while he gently squeezed my flesh until the tips of his thumbs nearly reached the elastic to the thong covering my pussy. I suppressed a moan when my lower body began to tingle with wet awareness.
During this time, Joe didn’t stop dancing, but his movements slowed until he was moving against my body with a lazy, precise action designed to turn up the heat. As we stared into each other’s eyes, I became aware of his hands moving to mine and linking. Then my arms were lifted slightly away from my body and behind me, where I could feel Joe transfer both of my hands into one of his. The action caused my breasts to expand until they were nearly in his face.
I felt my heart skip a beat, and I sucked in my breath. His gaze moved over my face with an admiring light, and then lowered to my breasts. Hot lava engulfed me when I remembered my blouse was missing a button and I could feel cool air on my skin. I glanced down to see what he was seeing. More than just deep cleavage, my blouse exposed the tops of my lacy bra.
His dance had changed. I was vaguely aware we had an audience, that we were still on stage, yet none of that seemed to matter anymore. Joe’s actions were turning me on to a degree that made me worry about wetting my skirt, and I was powerless to stop him. Before I knew it, I was responding to everything he was doing to me. I couldn’t help it. He’d opened the door to a long time of abstinence, and my senses were suddenly on full alert and responding happily.
“Are you doing this on purpose?” I whispered, feeling like I was losing myself.
“Doing what, Lana?” His tone sounded innocent, yet the look on his face said he was anything but.
“You know what. Turning me on,” I explained sharply, angry because I knew he was playing with me. “Is this part of the dance? I doubt my friends paid you to turn me on and then leave me hanging.” I shouldn’t have said that but it was what I was feeling, a bad habit since I often did it without thinking first.
“Is that an invitation not to leave you hanging?”
What did he mean by that? Without warning, he moved forward and I felt his lips against the flesh swelling over the top of my bra. He kissed me there, and then buried his nose into my cleavage, inhaling deeply. I shuddered wildly and moaned, thankful for the loud noise surrounding us. Oh my God, what does he think he’s doing? I chanced a glance away from the stage to see the audience was still encouraging him, oblivious to what Joe was making me feel.
“I like what you’ve done to your hair,” he mumbled in between kisses as he made his way to my ear. “You’re a very pretty lady, and tonight you’re extra breathtaking.”
He chewed on my ear with a tenderness that sent a spark right to the core of me, so intense that it frightened me. “Joe, I think this is enough.” He scooted closer until I could feel the ridge of his hard cock at the juncture of my thighs. I caught my breath, because suddenly it didn’t feel like a game anymore. I knew my pussy had to be wet. As I acknowledged that with another moan, his mouth moved up my chest, and then from the base of my neck, where the pulse was, up to where my chin began, I felt the warm, wet, roughness of his tongue. Oh, God, I was so aroused that I began to tremble.
“I’ve been watching you, Lana, and wanting you for months.”
What? There must be something in my ears because I couldn’t have heard him correctly. It’s true I’d been coming to Big Dicks for a while now, tagging along with Sandy and Helen just to shut them up. I’d noticed Joe the first night; who wouldn’t? He was every woman’s dream. His charisma and dance moves were so hot that he didn’t even have to strip down all the way before women were panting with their tongues hanging out. I was no exception; only I remained where I could hide my fascination and ogle him all I wanted.
“I know you’ve been watching me too. You think no one sees you sitting in the dark, but I can feel your gaze on me when I’m up here. I can feel your eyes stripping me before I remove my clothes.”
I wanted to deny it but lying never came easy to me. Besides, it was a moot point now because I was with him, and revealing just how much he was turning me on. Had my friends guessed the truth and set me up? I cast a glance to where I’d seen them standing, only they weren’t there any longer. A moment of panic seized me until I reasoned that they’d probably gone to the restroom. When I felt Joe move, again I looked into his eyes.
“I…I…” I couldn’t find the words.
His crooked smile was inviting and sexy as hell. The gleam of humor in his eyes was mesmerizing, like the rest of the man. Still holding my hands against the back of the chair, his grip relaxed enough to tell me that I could break away if I wanted to. Was he testing me? In the pretext of a dance move, he shifted his hips until the bottom halves of our bodies collided with spine-tingling results.
“Sweet Jesus,” he rasped, “you make me hot.”
Instinct told me this wasn’t part of the show. I gasped and closed my eyes, letting the erotic moment consume me. His cock throbbed against my thinly covered pussy, causing it to buzz with pleasure. A crazy thought entered my mind, and I wished I’d purchased the naughty panties I’d seen in the sexy intimate apparel magazine I’d received in the mail the other day. The ones with the split in the middle of the crotch. Then Joe could slip inside me and none would be the wiser. Just for a second I squeezed my thighs and rocked forward, wishing there was nothing between us. Was that a low groan?
“Lana, open your eyes and look at me.” He was so close I could almost feel his lips caressing mine. I reluctantly did as he asked.
“Have you ever seen me invite another woman up here on stage?”
I thought about it, and it dawned on me that I hadn’t. What was he trying to say—that I was the first one? “That doesn’t mean that you haven’t when I wasn’t here.”
“You can ask anyone who works here and they will tell you that I haven’t. Unlike the other dancers, my contract has a clause saying that I don’t have to give exclusive dances to anyone.”
I’m sure my confusion showed. “Then why—” Then it dawned on me that Sandy and Helen must have paid him something extra. I could understand why. So far, he’d managed to keep up his dance moves while we held an insane conversation. Joe was very good at what he did. Why give it away free?
I tried to hide my disappointment, deciding to focus on the here and now, and what he was making me feel. It had been so long since I’d had the attentions of a handsome man, so long since I’d felt like an attractive woman. I wondered what else Joe had been paid for. The thought of sleeping with a virtual stranger was surprisingly electrifying and not something I would have ever thought of doing. But why the hell not? I’m a single woman with needs like any other.
By the time the music stopped my whole body and soul was aroused to the point that I was certain I wouldn’t be able to walk off the stage. I was tingling from head to foot, and had an itch between my legs that needed tending to, immediately. I watched as Joe slowly stood, our eyes locked until I couldn’t stand it any longer and I lowered my head to look down. There was no way he could hide the hard-on behind his black thong. He didn’t even try.
He helped me to my feet. “Come home with me.” He wasn’t asking.
I glanced around for my friends, shocked to see them waving at me from the entrance doorway before they quickly turned and exited the place. What the hell? They were deserting me? I looked back at Joe.
“Relax, birthday girl. I promised them if you weren’t interested that I would get you home.”
“I’m not a girl.” I don’t know why I said it, other than to bring attention to the fact that I was a woman and much older than him.
His sexy laugh stoked the fire between my legs. “No, you’re a very sexy lady.”
Oh my, he thought I was sexy? “Older woman.”
“Not that much older, Lana, and age is only a number. So, will you come home with me?
This time he asked, and I didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”
“Good. Wait for me at your table while I go shower and dress.”
As I took the side stairs down off the stage, I was already thinking about changing my mind. I must be crazy to think about going home with a man I didn’t know. I was still horny as hell but I could take care of that with a little help from the overused dildo under my pillow, and there was always my little purple rabbit. My clit was actually throbbing, and it wouldn’t take long to have an orgasm.
Reaching my table, the first thing my eyes lit on was the folded note propped up against my glass. I sat down and reached for it at the same time.
Please don’t be mad at Helen and me for leaving you. We’ve been coming to Big Dicks a lot longer than you have, and we know and trust Joe. He confessed to us a couple weeks ago that he’d like to get to know you. Don’t do anything you don’t want to, honey. Happy Birthday!
Smiling, I reached for my small purse where I’d left it hanging on a hook under the table, and slipped the note inside. Seems my friends had thought of everything. Their note set my mind at ease about going home with Joe.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

SEAL of Approval

...coming soon! 

Yes, I've decided to do another interracial version of a book that I've already written and published. Touch Me (the interracial version of Up in Flames) is still selling strong. I feel as long as I make it clear to my readers that the interracial version is the same story, only making the necessary changes with regard to my heroine, that I'm okay.