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No cliffhangers here! My rules for writing romance are simple. No hero will be killed off. You won't find any cheating between my main characters once they've made a firm commitment to one another. I don't do that crap.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Homemade Dressing / Stuffing

Every year my daughter's co-workers ask for a pan of my homemade dressing for their holiday party. This is what it looks like. I think it tastes better from inside the turkey but they must like it if they request it every year. Below is the recipe.

To stuff a 13-15 pound turkey

2 loaves cheap white bread - broken up in pieces
1 pkg. Jimmy Dean sage sausage - cooked and drained
1 large onion - chopped up
3-5 celery stalks and the leaves - sliced up
2 tablespoons poultry seasoning
2 chicken bouillon cubes melted in 2 cups water

add all the ingredients in a large bowl except for the chicken broth
gradually add in the broth until you get a mixture that's not too wet and not too dry - may have some broth left over
stuff the cavity of the bird - pack it in tight
I also stuff the crevice between the drum sticks and the breast
extra dressing can be cooked in a pan

Everyone at my house fight over the crispy dressing from around the legs but I like the dressing from inside the bird


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jumping Ahead

I manage to get some reading time in these days and have begun to notice a trend that even some of my favorite, well-known authors are doing, and that is skipping ahead with regard to the time frame. I've done it myself, sometimes at the end of a story I'll do a brief chapter starting out, one year later kind of thing. But a few of the books I've read lately go over the top in my opinion.

Recently I read an author who I love. Through most of the book the writing went smoothly and at a nice pace. However, the last few chapters had me frowning as she would start some chapters and even paragraphs with something like three weeks later, then six months later, then four days later, and on it went until finally the end. It left me with the feeling that she got tired of writing the story and just wanted to get it over with, instead of writing out what her characters were doing.

For some reason that bugs the crap out of me, so I wanted to get your ideas on it. Does it bother you when an author jumps ahead like that in her story line? Just curious.

She offers herself to an outlaw MC to protect her family.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thank You Blog Hop

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This week we're letting everyone know just what we're thankful for. And that includes...YOU! There's a new giveaway at every single stop so be sure to hop around and visit your favorite blogs and find a few new ones to follow too!

Dear Readers,
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