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Friday, February 24, 2017

What He Wants Release Pushed Back

I'm so sorry! I recently had to change the release date for What He Wants from April first to April twentieth. Sorry for any inconvenience for those of you who have pre-ordered it. I've had a couple of family emergencies come up since the beginning of the new year and I'm still dealing with the second one. Since I'm helping care for a terminally ill family member I haven't had much time to devote to writing.

By changing the release date Amazon has already punished me by taking away my pre-order rights for a whole year. Oh, well, I can't worry about that now as family comes first.

Please know that I will do everything within my power to get What He Wants out on time on April 20th.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

British Bad Boys Set!

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Indulge yourself with this boxed set of stories written by bestselling and award-winning British romance authors. No one knows British bad boys better than they do!

Come and spend time with a dirty-talking London tattoo artist, a Scottish bad boy, a British gangster who won’t take no for an answer, and MORE! These men are all hotter than hell and have accents to die for. Whatever your desire, you’ll find it within these pages.

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Featuring stories from Marissa Farrar, Lucy Felthouse, Tabitha Rayne, Lexie Bay, Lily Harlem, Victoria Blisse and K D Grace.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Freebie!

Get it here!
A senator arranges for his daughter, Sophie to be kidnapped on the eve of her wedding. She turns out to be more trouble than her abductor, Brent, anticipated. Spirited and resourceful, he has his hands full. In the meantime, their intense attraction to each other only adds further complications.
“I’ll remove my hand, if you promise…”

Brent shouldn’t have reminded her about his hand. The next thing he knew she was biting down on it a second time. Adding insult to injury, she shoved him in the chest as hard as she could at the same time, catching him unaware. Before he had a chance to recover she took advantage of the moment by pushing herself away from the wall and taking flight.

“Damn it!” Brent grunted in anger. She managed to descend one step before he tangled a hand in her hair and hauled her back into his arms. A cry escaped her but Brent ignored it. He yanked her roughly against him. “Bite me again and you’ll find out what it feels like,” he muttered between his teeth.

“Who are you?” she asked softly. Brent felt her slight tremble and steeled himself for what he had to do. “What do you want?”

“One question at a time, princess.” Brent realized he had to assert his dominance early on if he wanted to remain in control of the situation. Not giving much thought to the consequences, he pushed Sophie up against the concrete wall and leaned in close, threatening her with his superior strength and size.

His actions had repercussions he wasn’t anticipating though. Like the rush of heat surging through his blood, turning the victim in his arms into a desirable woman. Wrestling with her provided conditions he hadn’t counted on. Appealing circumstances which could easily upset the scheme of things if he let it.

Too much body contact for one.

“I demand you keep your hands to yourself!” she whispered sharply.

“Do you now?” he said softly, amused at her haughty tone. “You’re not in any position to demand anything.” With every breath Brent took, he could smell her. Beyond the light scent of soap and perfume, to the sensuous woman beneath. A sexy combination of innocence and know-how. It was playing havoc with his senses, preventing him from keeping a clear head. He swore beneath his breath. Nothing good was going to come of this.

She was tall like he liked his women but he wasn’t into rich, spoiled, society types who held themselves above others, thinking they were better than everyone else. He’d watched Sophie long enough to know she was used to the best in life and probably demanded it. A woman who let society rule her emotions, not her heart. He recalled her quiet, almost suffering acceptance of Lord touching and kissing her, putting up with it because it was expected of her and not because she’d liked it. That action alone told him a lot about her.

She was probably as cold as a block of ice in bed.

“I demand you tell me who you are and what this is all about,” she said in a frigid tone, confirming his thoughts.

Her snooty tone grated on his nerves. “Demand all you want, princess, it won’t get you anywhere.” He was glad she’d broken his train of thought. He could care less what she was like in bed and would do well to remember that. What’s more, he doubted her father would appreciate his wayward notions. Brent respected and liked Senator Adams. It was because of that reason alone he was doing this in the first place.

This, meaning kidnapping. So far Sophie was more trouble than he’d anticipated which could cause serious problems down the road. He’d have to watch her like a hawk. It hadn’t taken her long to get the drop on Tom. Well, she’d learn soon enough that he wasn’t a pushover. “Come on.” He yanked her away from the wall.

“Let me go!” She tried to pull free. “Ouch! You’re hurting me! I’m not going anywhere with you!”

Brent swung around and pulled her up against him. “You have a choice, lady; you can come with me the easy way, or like a sack of potatoes over my shoulder."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Casket Girl by Maggie Mae Gallagher

Casket Girl

by Maggie Mae Gallagher

GENRE: Paranormal Romantic Suspense  


All he wants is to find a killer...

FBI Special Agent Josh Blake has seen some bizarre cases in his day. His latest case is one for the record books. He has multiple homicides, corpses drained of every ounce of blood, and no suspects. When rumors surface that the French Quarter may be hiding an insidious monster bent on drenching the streets in dead bodies, he must suspend logic and place his trust in the mystical.

She wants a fresh start...

Isabelle Toussánt left her family home in the bayou five year ago, cutting all ties with her abusive whiskey swilling stepfather, to forge a new life in the French Quarter. Now a successful business owner of Madam Toussánt’s Mystical Gifts in Jackson Square, and a Seer with voodoo roots. The foundation of her new life shatters when one of her employee’s winds up dead and she is dragged into a deadly game where she becomes the target of a serial killer.

A passion neither expected...

Determined to stop the brutal slayings, Josh must rely on the beautiful Isabelle who makes him question everything he has ever known about life and death all while surrendering to a desire hotter than a Bayou night. When Isabelle disappears without a trace, with tourists flocking to the party capital for Halloween, and the body count continues to mount, Josh will be forced to push beyond the boundaries of what he thinks is possible and rescue the woman he loves before it's too late.



“Miss Toussánt.” Captain Tremayne addressed her above the din and chaos.

She swung around, her long dark hair, the silky wave of it, shimmering and rippling as she faced the captain. Josh took one look at Miss Isabelle Toussánt and felt like a thoroughbred had just kicked him in the stomach.

She was exotic, with caramel skin and looking taut and lean in her formfitting tank that displayed delicate arms. He sucked in a sharp breath when she glanced at the captain. Cat eyes. The mahogany color reminded Josh of his chestnut mare as a child, Daisy. They were framed by black brows. One of them was currently raised in his direction as she spoke to the captain.

“Yes, Captain Tremayne? Can I interest you in a cup of coffee?” Her voice reminded him of a shot of smooth, single malt whiskey.

“Miss Toussánt, this is Agent Josh Blake with the FBI. He has some questions, if you’re up for them.”

A wounded shadow passed through her magnetic eyes for a moment before she shifted her gaze toward him. The unabridged effect of her stare was electric and compelling, until he found himself immersed in her eyes. Unexpected lust zinged along his spine, not that he would give in to the temptation she presented, but his body resonated with the siren’s call her body echoed. 

“Agent, can I interest you in some coffee?” She held up a glass carafe of steaming brew, already half empty.

“Not right now, Miss Toussánt. Thank you for the offer, though,” he murmured gently but firmly. It smelled like heaven, but he didn’t want to coddle her. She needed to understand he was in charge and would dig into her background no matter how sweetly her hips swished as she walked.

“Please call me Isabelle,” she offered with a slight smile, but it didn’t spread to her eyes. No amount of coffee or alcohol would erase the vision of death. He knew what that first time was like, though, the horror of it, the way it twisted your insides. Seeing for the first time how fragile life truly was made you face your own mortality. And, more important, you began to understand that some individuals just wanted to watch the world burn.

“Is there somewhere we can talk privately?” he asked, assessing her response, both verbal and non-verbal, ignoring the intense desire churning in his gut as he studied her. If there was one thing Miss Toussánt was, it was off-limits. It didn’t matter how long it had been since he’d done the horizontal tango. If there was one thing he was strictly by the book on, it was that he never blurred the lines in a case. The evidence either convicted a person or set them free. As it was, she was a witness to a horrific murder, possibly more.

There was something off about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. The way her eyes darted nervously around, and she kept wetting her pouty bottom lip. It could be signs of trauma and shock from discovering the body, or it could be she was hiding something. Perhaps she’d witnessed the incident and feared the killer would come back for her if he knew.

“Certainly, follow me.” Isabelle returned the carafe to the coffeemaker, wiped her palms along her skirt and nodded toward a doorway in the far corner.

He would have followed her into hell if it meant listening to her sultry voice some more and siphoning whatever information she had on this case.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Maggie grew up listening to Cardinals baseball and reading anything she could get her hands on. She remembers her mother saying if only she would read the right type of books instead binging her way through the romance aisles at the bookstore, she’d have been a doctor. While Maggie never did get that doctorate, she graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with an M.A. in History.

Maggie is a bestselling and award-winning author published in multiple fiction genres. She also writes erotic romance under the name Anya Summers. A total geek at her core, when she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She currently lives in the Midwest with her two furry felines.

Visit her website here:

Visit her on social media here:
Facebook: FB.me/MagMaeGallagher   
Twitter: @magmaegallagher

PURCHASE LINK:  https://goo.gl/6WdMKj

Don’t miss these exciting titles by Maggie Mae Gallagher!

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And if you like your romance with a bit of spice and kink be sure to check out Maggie Mae Gallagher writing as Anya Summers!

The Dungeon Fantasy Club Series


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Shot in the Dark by J.G. Summer

Romantic suspense
Date Published: February 1, 2017
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
A motorcycle crash forces Skyler Smith into Laney Pearson’s hospital, barely clinging to life…
As a trauma nurse, Laney works with surgeon Josh Stone to bring Skyler back from the brink of death and toward recovery. But what initially looks like nothing more than a freak accident may turn out to be much more dangerous—and maybe even deadly.
In the years they’ve worked together, Laney has never given Josh the time of day…
She thinks he’s nothing more than a pompous doctor looking for another notch to add to his belt. But caring for Skyler brings the pair closer, and Laney lets down her guard, allowing them the chance to find happiness together in the midst of so much destruction. But someone doesn’t want them to be happy. Someone wants Laney gone.
Threats might derail their love before it really starts…
As the couple tries to build their budding relationship, Laney begins to receive menacing messages. And when she and Josh learn that Skyler’s accident is anything but unintentional, they fight to balance finding the would-be killer with keeping keep Laney safe from her stalker. But each wild turn takes them further away from the truth…and each other.
Can Laney and Josh discover who is behind the violent acts, or is each guess they make nothing more than a shot in the dark?

Some accidents aren’t accidental…
Josh had been a gentleman. At times, he seemed to be overprotective. In a way, she liked it. She loved knowing she didn’t have to look over her shoulder all the time and even began to let down her guard.
She dozed at one point and woke up to strong hands kneading her back. Until then, she hadn’t realized how her muscles had grown stiff from the boarding. She lifted her head. It took a moment for her to reorient herself.
“Good morning, Sunshine.”
She rolled over. She couldn’t help but admire his physical beauty. His body was a work of art; his chest and arms were perfectly chiseled and tan, and he had a six pack to die for. This man has no flaws.Trying not to be too obvious about her gawking, she was finally able to talk.
“What time is it?”
Josh checked his watch. “It’s about 5:30.”
“Wow! I slept like two hours.”
“I know. I enjoyed watching you sleep.”
“Oh geez, I must be the worst date ever.”
“No, I actually fell asleep for a bit too. Then I took a dip in the ocean to clear my mind. It was good.”
“Well, I’m glad.” Laney stretched and stared out at the ocean.
“What do you say we go rinse off in the showers again and get some dinner? There’s this great restaurant I want to take you to.”
“What kind of restaurant is it?”
“I thought we agreed that I was the only one who was in the need to know and you were to be surprised. To answer your question, they serve everything but specialize in seafood. You can wear a cover-up and be fine. However, that little sundress you were wearing earlier will be perfect.”
“You’re a pain.”
He threw his head back and laughed. “Yes, I am.”
“So you liked the sundress?”
“I don’t think I said that. I believe I said it would be perfect for this restaurant. But yes, it is very flattering.”
“You think I’m pretty.” She took a line out of the movie Miss Congeniality, “You think I’m pretty, and you want to kiss me.”
She wasn’t expecting the words would have the same effect as in the movie, but before she knew it, he pushed her back onto the towel and gave her the deepest, most passionate kiss she had ever experienced.
This kiss was something out of the movies. If she had been standing, she would’ve probably melted into his arms.
The kiss seemed to last forever, and yet it was over too soon. His stare was hypnotic. It took her a moment to catch her breath but she couldn’t stop looking into his eyes. They were so beautiful she wanted to get lost in them forever.
He broke the silence. “Yes, I do.”
“Yes you do what?” She sat back up.
“Yes, I do want to kiss you.” He smiled crookedly.
“I’d say so. I certainly didn’t see that coming.”
“Well, there’s something about the element of surprise. Sometimes it can knock you off your feet.”
“That you did.” She touched her hand to her lips to try to hold onto the tingling she had felt.
“Don’t worry. It won’t be the last one.”
“Oh, really?” She smiled at him.
“Yes. There’ll be plenty more to come.”
“What if I’ve decided I’m not that into you?”
“Based on the way you just responded to me, I’d say there isn’t a chance in hell that’s the case.” He got up to his feet and helped her up.
“Is that so? You seem pretty sure of yourself.” She brushed the sand off her arms and legs and put on her flip-flops. She grabbed her towel and began shaking the sand off as Josh shook the sand off his.
“It’s hard not to be when you look like this.” He gestured up and down his body.
“Hot and modest. How did I get so lucky to snag a date with you? You must have your choice of swooning women.”
“You forgot to mention I’m a good kisser.”
She laughed and tried to frown. “Okay, now you’re just being a jerk.” She tucked the towel into her bag.
But he couldn’t be as sure of himself as he claimed, because then he said, “Hey, you know I’m just kidding, right?”
“Well, you are a good kisser, but, don’t let it go to your head.” Laughing, they headed up the beach to the showers. Once they rinsed off, they walked to the car and grabbed some clothes to throw on over their bathing suits. Josh took Laney’s hand and held it as they walked.

JG Sumner is a Registered Nurse who went rogue.  As good as she was at starting IV's, she enjoys writing down the stories in her head even more.  Most of the time the characters won't stop pestering her until she has them down on paper.
JG can often be found with a glass of red wine or prosecco in front of her computer.  When she's not creating, she enjoys the outdoors hiking, bike riding, snowboarding, and camping.
JG has a very dry sense of humor, and should never be taken too seriously.  She loves to hear from her fans, and even those who aren't and would love to hear your opinion on her books.
JG writes romantic suspense/thrillers including: A Shot in the Dark, Into the Light, The Surrender Trilogy including Surrender, Shattered, and Saved which will be available through Limitless Publishing soon.

Contact Information
Website: Website domain in process
Twitter: @jg_sumner

Purchase Links
 $50.00 Amazon gift card

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

TRS Valentine's Day Party!

Enter to win the $100 egift card for Amazon while you're there!