Friday, January 4, 2019

Cover Reveal!

Coming 1/28
Pre-order available here

*previously published under a different title and cover. Revised with new content added.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Slowing Down Folks

My New Year's Resolution, that and cleaning out my closet. The last time I made a conscious decision to slow down I was fifty, that was thirteen years ago. I've been retired for almost 7 years, but I do manage to keep busy. I travel a lot and sometimes that feels like work. lol

I have a new series planned for 2019, The Desert Rebels MC. Four, maybe 5 books will come out beginning with COLE. At this point I'm not sure if they will be full length or novellas. But each book will be a standalone romance.

You can expect a cover reveal soon!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Holiday Memories

We all have them, right? Some good, maybe some not so good, but we have them. For Thanksgiving I can remember my mom spending the whole week before doing nothing but baking, all from scratch, all yummy recipes that no one else in the family has taken over. It was mom's thing.

Christmas Eve we all met at mom and dad's house for her traditional spam salad sandwiches. Yep! I kid you not. And we loved them! Mom would grind up spam and make two kinds, one with onions and one without. After we ate we'd all sit around the tree and open up gifts. These days I don't eat spam. It was mom's thing.

Christmas, my favorite memory is when my dad and I went into the woods behind grandma's farm and cut down our tree. I wasn't very old, can't recall why my sister wasn't with us, but that memory stays with me, always bringing a smile to my face even while it makes me a little sad.

Mom and dad are both gone now, new traditions have been made, hopefully those that will stay with my daughter and niece, and my grandchildren for years to come. When I'm gone, I hope thoughts of me during the holidays will bring a smile to their faces and warm their hearts.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Amazon Update about ACE!

According to one of my readers who did pre-order this book she said all she had to do to get the full-length version was download it again on Amazon. Unfortunately the damage is done and there are a lot of 1-star reviews because readers who pre-ordered the book received the unfinished, unedited version. I can't blame them, I would have been angry, too. I can only hope through all the messages on social media that folks hear the news at what happened and realize that they can get the finished book they paid for.

Monday, December 17, 2018

New Release!

Update! If you pre-ordered or purchased ACE through Amazon and received the unfinished, unedited version please contact me and I will take care of it. Apparently the full manuscript didn't download on time. I re-downloaded it today but it will take a couple of days to go through. This only affects Amazon purchases. I'm sorry for any inconveniences.


A road side bombing left Ace disfigured and dead inside. He faces the world with silent bitterness and a damaged ego. Then a quiet beauty comes into his life cracking the shell around his wounded heart and healing his soul.

I was coming out of the back stock room when I literally ran into Ace as he was heading toward the bathroom. His powerful hands grasped my upper arms to push me back, but not before we had a full frontal collision. The man was solid as a rock, everywhere. I gasped from the impact, and instant, hot awareness slammed through me. I gasped again upon looking up and seeing his condition. My eyes widened as they roamed over his bruised and bloodied face.

"What-What happened to you?" I asked with concern. I knew the Sentinels were tough, dangerous men and capable of taking care of themselves, but it looked as if Ace had taken a good beating.

He released me and held up a big hand, barely looking me in the eye. "I'm good." He made a move to go around me.

"You're not good." I reached for his arm. "Ace, you're hurt."

"Don't make it more than what it is, Emerson." He pulled away and went into the men's room.

I stared after him and the door that he’d closed in my face. Why was he so stubborn? He'd obviously been in a fight. And he obviously didn't want my help. Well, that was just too damned bad. I dashed to where I knew we kept the first aid kit, grabbed it off the shelf, and went back to the restroom. I hesitated only briefly before pushing my way into the bathroom and finding him at the sink.

He was in the process of wiping his face with a paper towel. "Get out," he grumbled.

"No." I took a deep breath and stubbornly stepped closer. "Those cuts need more than water, they need to be cleaned." I forced my way between his hard body and the hard counter. "Now let me see." I brushed his hands away from his face.

"Emerson," he growled in warning, glaring down at me with steel in his eyes, his jaw taut.

I met his eyes squarely, not the least bit intimidated. "Suck it up, biker man," I ordered, not backing down. "I know you're a big, old, hard-ass, Ace, but even big boys occasionally need a tender touch." I opened up the first aid kit and pulled out the clean gauze and antiseptic. When I turned back to Ace I halted, suddenly realizing how close we were.

I hardened my reserve, which meant ignoring the unexpected tingling in my nipples, to do what I needed to do. Besides, I'd decided to move on, right? As far as I knew, the feelings that I experienced when I was around Ace were totally one-sided. I poured antiseptic onto the gauze and reached up to clean the particularly nasty-looking cut on his cheek.

"So, what happened?" I dabbed as gently as I could, wincing when I saw how deep the cut was. "You should probably get stitches." He just growled in response, standing there like an obstinate five-year-old who was being subjected to a fate worse than death. I felt a smile spread across my lips. "Poor baby."

He growled some more. Once I was satisfied that the cut was as clean as I could get it, I poured the antiseptic directly into the wound. He sucked in his breath. My eyes shot up to his. "Sorry," I mumbled, reaching for the butterfly bandage, relieved that we had some. "If this doesn't work—"

"I know, stitches."

"Or we could try super glue," I smiled up at him. I glanced at his mouth, but the damage to it wasn’t what captivated me. Ace had a nice mouth; his lips were smooth and looked appetizing. Before I knew it, I was licking mine as if I were about to dive in to a tasty treat. Ace had never kissed me, and suddenly I wanted that more than anything. "Let's see what I can do to fix your kisser." I took his jaw in my hand and tilted his face slightly, examining it to find it swollen and with a split at the corner. "I think you'll still be able to use it."

"I don't kiss."

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Giveaways Galore!

I have several going on this month folks. Below is information you will need to enter any that you're interested in.

Amazon Giveaway
Runs until 12/14
Phantom Riders MC - Hawk
5 ebooks will be given away

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Red Christmas earrings are offered at The Romance Studio Holiday Party.
Peace earrings are offered here. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter and leave a comment. Winner will be announced 1/1/19.

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